Thursday, 15 January 2015

News from the Wild Lands of Scotland!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It has been fun teaching The Missus what paths to take on our walks, Holly did suggest that we took her into the bushes at the Rabbit Hunting Ground but we didn't think she would fit into the bushes, so we left that one for later!

TM has been playing with the ferrets 'cos she won't take them out for their morning run, so she has to make up for it by giving them loads of Ferretone, Cuddles and Ferret Nibbles!

Mind you, that didn't stop Mr Brambles and Snowflake from throwing a strop and kicking their Poo Pots all around the cage!

When they were allowed out Miss Snowflake spent most of the time chasing TM and the Battery Powered Carpet Sweeper!

I'm afraid the pictures of us are not up to Old Two Legs standard!

Why is she photographing our bums?
 To make up for TM's effort, OTL has zapped some picture down to us of his day's 'Clicking' around Glencoe!

Up by the Ski Lift he found this cottage and I think it may be good for running around the heather but can you imagine what it would be like for the Tesco's man to deliver the groceries!

No gas or Electricity?
 Now I ought to mention that OTL has decided to convert all of the pictures to Black & White 'cos he wasn't too happy with the 'White Balance'. If you want to know all about that, ask Mike!

Now this one was up near the top of Rannoch Moor where it was getting a bit 'Hairy' according to OTL. He says that there were vans being blown off the road and into the ditches!

Getting a bit Hairy!
 It's amazing just how trees manage to grow in the most unlikely places, this one was trying very hard to look all grown up, but it was doing a bit of a 'Shiver' every time a big truck went past!

Cold Innit?
 The last time OTL and Alun were up here they went down Glen Etive but OTL decided that this time he was going to 'Pass' on a return trip to sea the eagles!

Dunno Why!
The Road to Glen Etive!
Now, OTL mentioned that there were two Woofers in the house where he is staying, Hamish and Daisy.

Hamish is on the left and Daisy on the right.

Hamish looks like a Ruffty Tufty Yorkshire Terrier and Daisy is a Shiatsu.

Daisy is totally blind but that doesn't stop her from bossing Hamish about or it seems, playing games with OTL!

Now I know OTL is wonderful but I'm not too sure about this other Daisy getting too familiar with MY OTL!

Presenting Hamish & Daisy!
So, that's it for today, OTL is off to play some more with the camera and we are going to finish the Ox Heart and go to sleep on his side of the bed tonight!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Hmmmmm, now why DID TM take pictures of your bums????????? Little Arch reckons she's practising for getting the best shots tomorrow. OTL's pictures are lovely, but it does look really, really cold up there. Glad he didn't do any trips along that road, it looks quite dangerous. Now about this Hamish and Daisy, they both look like lovely little woofers but I don't think OTL should be making too much of a fuss of them since you're all missing him so much. Have a word with Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles and tell them that upsetting TM by kicking their poo pots around and being stroppy is not a good idea when OTL isn't there to protect them. Glad you both got to snuggle on OTL's pillow, it's a good idea for you two to protect it, you never know if that TM might try and pinch it. I think it was a good idea not to take TM into the bushes where the rabbits live, you might not have got your ox heart if she'd had to pull splinters and brambles out of her coat. Keep warm girlies and tails up, OTL will be missing you both and he'll be back in a few days to take good photo's of the right ends. Love, licks and wags from little (I ain't got any lodgers) Arch xxxx

  2. Surprisingly they haven't got ferrets as well, wouldn't that have been strange, Hamish and Daisy look lovely but I bet they make OTL sad because he misses you all so much. A bit blurred those two rear ends but TM can't be good at everything and if she keeps practising she can only improve, don't suppose she can get worse! Those Scottish roads do look treacherous and very cold but I expect you have told him to take care, I would not have gone if someone paid me £££££'s. Imagine living in that cottage, our road is bad enough, a bit of snow and we are snowed in, it does look pretty when it is all newly fallen. A very brave OTL! Enjoy your evening and keep those little furries in check and OTL's pillow and warm but forget about putting carrots and chews under it, he might get upset, xxxx

  3. Did someone mention me re white balance? Morning all, your doing a grand job there Eileen even with the bum shots. I thing OTL has car lag, he knows to "up the ev value to compensate for the cameras inability to correct exposure in bright light. ( that's every camera not only OTL's). Poor chap, perhaps the cold has got to his brain, he is getting on a bit you know. Hope I have been of assistance Kendo, You take care and have a good time in the snow and no we don't want any down here thank you.

  4. Just looked again at OTL's pictures and I think the trouble is that he is taking them through the windscreen which probably has a tint to it. Mind you I don't blame him as it looks mighty cold up there.
    Have a good trip Kendo.