Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday fun hunting cats!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

After yesterdays fun and games we over slept this morning! We were just too tired to wake Old Two Legs up, so he over slept as well!

That didn't please the ferrets too much 'cos they were ready to out almost as soon as they had finished slurping their Lactose Free Milk!

As soon as they had finished they headed for the 'Traveling Cage' and kept on calling out for OTL to 'Get a Move On!'

We're Ready!
Down on the beach it was a bit chilly and Mr Brambles had to ask for a cuddle until he warmed up. Miss Snowflake also wanted a cuddle but OTL said she needed some exercise!

Mind you, that didn't stop them being very cautious and Brambles sent Snowflake up the steps first, just in case that Bozo on a Bike was around!

It's OK, you wimp, there's no sign of him!
 Holly was already half way up the grass path waiting for them!

Oh, do hurry up, I'm starving and there's chicken waiting at home!
Trust Holly to think with her tummy!

I was playing a game with OTL, I bet him a Doggy Choc that I could fly by flapping my ears!

So I ran along the Sea Wall and he took a picture!

Flappy Ear Flying!
I Won!

Of course, the ferrets were having a ball in the grass, doing what ferrets do best...............!

Just having a Ferret Around!
Come lunchtime we were bundled into the big car and off we went to see Sassy & Tilly which was fun but a bit boring 'cos we were made to stay in one room, on our cushions, behaving ourselves!

That was until one of the cats arrived at the back door!

I tell you, the look on that cats face to see two woofers INSIDE while it had to stay OUTSIDE, in the cold, away from the food bowl and away from the comfortable chair!

Ah! Poor little Pussy Cats!

Back home we had the rest of our chicken dinner and then took up position waiting for OTL to get served his dinner!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I bet you all needed a lay in after yesterdays doings. Those ferrets don't do waiting do they. I think Mr Brambles is very wise to send someone up before him but it shouldn't really be a lady, a gentleman never sends a lady first, unless it's an emergency or food. Now come on Daisy, you know her scoff is important to Holly, and don't you look lovely flappy ear flying. Beautiful pictures of you girls with your new hair dos. I bet that cat was really fed up at looking thru the door and spotting you and Holly sitting in the warm. Hope you had a good visit today. Will OTL be sharing his dinner with you and Holly as usual? 2 lots of chicken today, yum, you are doing well in the scoff department. Have a lovely snoozy evening in the warm, the weather looks like it's going to turn cold again in a couple of days ........ you might even see the snow fairy. Have a lovely evening all, love, licks and swoony wags from little (what a pair of beauties) Arch xxxx

  2. Here we are the second blog of the day. Those little furries don't like to be kept waiting, oh no, they have things to do, places to see, snoozes to have and can't sit around all day waiting for you all to get yourselves organised. You all go out drinking and making merry and then keep them waiting by staying in bed, tut tut. You must have had a good laugh at the cat sitting outside while you were in the warm, I hope you didn't make rude gestures to it, of course not, you are too ladylike. Love the ears and the flying, how high did you manage, OTL could strap a camera on you and you could take some overheard shots. Beautiful pictures again, OTL takes some mean shots, I expect you instruct him on angles and so forth, well done you. Chicken dinner, well done on that, is Monday going to be an ordinary day for you? I feel so sorry for you with all that walking, eating and snoozing, never mind, you tell me all about it tomorrow. xxxx