Sunday, 25 January 2015

We're Still Here!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here, and no, we haven't got lost!

Yesterday we were down the beach as normal with the ferrets, Miss Snowflake was still looking for her rock!

It was here a couple of days ago!
Then we heard a terrible noise, a loud, terrible noise!

All of a sudden, over the hill came this Two Brain Cell, Two Legged Bozo riding a trail bike all over the grass paths. The mess made by the tyres was awful, all the grass chewed up and holes made by him  trying to do 'Wheely Starts'. A seriously anti social Bozo who could have easily have run over a woofer or even a ferret who was walking along the path!

Hooligan Bozo!
Back home there was all our stuff, you know, water bowl, chews, Doggy Scoff, Towels and rags to wipe out paws or backsides, depending on what gets grubby!

Then we were off to see Auntie Glynis and Uncle Alun, Old Two Leg's cousin!

They have some super woods at the back of their house, loads of new sniffs!

This is a Truffle Sniff!
 Mind you, we had to be careful in case we fell over the cliff edge 'Cos it was a long way down!

A Big Drop!
We decided to stick to the path and went back to sniffin!

The paths were well used by woofers and they soon turned into a quaggy mire!

It was a good job that OTL had brought his wellies!

Getting a bit Quaggy!
 We spotted a bird box like the one OTL has outside his window, except that this one didn't have a camera inside to watch what the birdies are doing!

High Rise Bird Box!
When the path got too quaggy, we turned around and went the other way but pretty soon it turned into another quaggy mire!

So, that was it, back to Alun's to get our paws washed before being allowed onto the carpet!

Getting a bit soft again!
We had a super day and didn't get back until late last night, so that's the reason we missed the blog, sorry!

Still, look on the bright side, you get two today!

See you tonight!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. Phew, glad to hear you're all ok, was getting a bit worried, then TM said that you got a little bit brahms and lizt last night and couldn't see the keyboard to type ......... do I believe her? of course not Daisy, I know you wouldn't have too much to drink. What a horrible TL bozo, I do hope he gets caught and told off for destroying those lovely paths and as you say, he could hurt a woofer busy sniffing along the path. Good to hear you had a lovely day out with lots of new sniffs, hope you all enjoyed it. Wow, it is a treat to get two blogs in one day, loved all the pictures. Looking forward to reading what you've been upto today and hope you don't come across anymore bozos. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I am also glad to hear that you are OK, I tried phoning OTL about 11 am Sunday but the answer machine answered and I was worried just like Lazy Sunday.
    Terrible bozo on the bike just shows you some TLs are not nice people, not like yours. xx You have been getting some new sniffs and kept well away from that edge, that didn't look like a place for you and Holly to go adventuring in. Now I am off to read your second blog of the day. xxxx