Sunday, 4 January 2015

We've Seen The Snow Fairy!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Oh Wow! We were out this morning with Old Two Legs and had got down to the beach. The mist was very thick everywhere and OTL had left the camera in the car 'cos there was nothing to see!

It's Just Too Misty!
Then it happened, just a Snowflake was having a wee the mist started to turn to small snow flakes!

We started to jump up and down and Mr Brambles started to run around in circles, backwards!

Miss Snowflake started to chatter and said that it was too cold to stay outside the bag and anyway they weren't big enough to be real Snowflakes!

We got up to the grass path and the snow was settling on the weeds and they were turning all white!

As we headed back to the car The Snow Fairy decided to leave us and it all turned back into mist again!

Back home we got a good rub down with our towel and then headed for our 'Snoozing Spot'!

Lunchtime we were out again but there was no sign of The Snow Fairy but we did see a Two Legs playing with his Christmas Present. It was one of those helicopter camera thingy's. Holly didn't like the look of it and spent some time telling it to 'Woof Off'!

Looks too dangerous for Holly!
 We bumped into some real Bozo Woofers who were charging about and going in for a swim!

Super Swim!
Holly thought that it was the daftest thing any woofer would do on a cold day like today!

When one of them invited her in for a swim, she told him..........

I Don't Do Water!
Back home again and we headed for the 'Snooze Spots' and went back to sleep for a while.

OTL went back to playing on the computer and his pictures.

He was playing camera's with his friend a few months ago and kept the pictures on his computer, so, having got this one out he set about the transformation, which, I must admit, think it looks full of 'Character'!

Old Two Legs Looking Characterful!
 Now, it's not often OTL is seen on this blog 'cos he is almost all of the time behind the camera, so it makes a change to see him!

Mr Nick!
 This is Mr Nick who was playing cameras with OTL!

Mind you, neither of them are as good looking or as 'Characterful' us Woofers!

Lucy has told us that her Mum is back out of hospital now and getting better all the time, so that is good news!

Keep on with the ointment and get some rest!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. How exciting, you saw the snow fairy, I had to read the beginning twice, I thought you said "the" snowflake was having a wee ......... then I realised, it was "your" Snowflake having a wee. Mr Brambles must have been really excited if he was running in circles backwards. We haven't seen the snow fairy yet though :( Don't blame Holly for telling that helichopter thingy to woof off, they do make a bit of noise. Wow, those bozo woofers must have been chilled to the bone in that water, silly things, glad you and Holly didn't take them up on their invitation to join in a swim. OTL takes lovely photos, it's good to see pictures of him and his playmate, they do both look very characterful but you're right, they're not as pretty as you and the others. Enjoy your cosy snoozes, back to work tomorrow for some of us ...... little Arch will be back on guard duty during the day, if he can stay awake. Hope you get some muggings in between your snoozes, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I am glad the snow fairy went away quickly, we went to Mote Park this morning with a "taking pictures group" and had some of your misty weather, we would not have chosen to go but it was great fun and we now know what it is like for TM when she posts a "Snippet" on Facebook, it blips and blips non stop with all the comments. Holly was wise not to accept the swimming invite and to stay away from that helicopter thingy although I doubt if it would have lifted her off the ground! Like Lazy Sunday I thought the snowflake was having a wee, as in melting, you will have to get Holly to proof read your Blog Daisy. Different pics today with OTL and his playmate looking very characterful, not pretty, just characterful but they can't help it. Good news about Lucy's mum xx Be back tomorrow to see what you have been up to. xxxx