Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Windy & Cold and OTL spends the afternoon on his back!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Well, today has bee fun, sort of!

Old Two Legs has been working on one of the most boring jobs he has to do, making up cables with connectors on each end. He sort of goes into a trance and he never hears anything we say to him!

Mind you, we got him out this morning for a walk and the wind and rain made it terribly cold!

The wind was so cold that it chilled all the sniffs down so we couldn't enjoy them!

These Sniffs are just Too Cold to enjoy!

Walking along the top grass path Holly was asking if we had to go onto the beach and could we turn around and go home now!

Do we have to go onto the beach?
OTL was having none of that and pretty soon we were at the beach steps and yes, Holly was still moaning!

I don't care what you say, I'm not playing sandcastles on the beach!

Miss snowflake managed to hide behind a stone and said that the wind was getting everywhere!

It get right up your fur you know!
 There were a couple of Curlew out on the mud and Mr Brambles shouted out 'Good Morning' to which they both called back a Good Morning an advised us to get indoors 'cos there is some nasty cold weather heading this way!

It's going to be cold, wet & windy!
 Holly said that it was good advice and could we go home now!

The ferrets by now had got into the grass and they said it was a lot warmer there than on the beach!

This is better!
 Holly said that her nice warm cushion was even warmer and more inviting than a patch of soggy wet grass!

Back we went and OTL carried on working away all morning. After our lunchtime dash along the Sea Wall, (It was still very windy and cold!) OTL decided to install some new computer cables to his office system. I was thrown out of my nice warm spot under his desk, Holly got fed up with the turmoil and headed off down stairs!

OTL was on his back under the desk knocking cable clips to the underside of the desk to hold the cables.

Now, OTL tells me that its hard to bang the nail in when you are on your back, in the dark, using black cable clips and if you are suffering from a cataract!

We found out just how difficult it was 'cos he hit his finger with the hammer instead of the nail  and not only did he say 'Ouch'! but where he hit it, it started to bleed!

Poor OTL, he hasn't done that for years!

So, nursing a painful finger with some plaster wrapped around it, he went back to the cables and connectors again!

He says it's safer!

I must say, I a agree with him!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Hasn't the weather been really, really horrible today. I feel sorry for Holly, I bet that wind blew across the beach something rotten. Poor Snowflake looks frozen. You know, when it's so cold that you can't sniff the sniffs then there's no point being out where the sniffs are. Sorry to hear the lunchtime walk wasn't any better. Still you're nice and warm now with your new heating and no hole ceiling. Sorry to hear that you and Holly were disturbed during your snooze time by OTL working, that's not on, perhaps you should suggest that when you snooze he has a siesta with you. Sorry to hear about him hurting his finger, but he does get into hazardous goings on, so he's bound to hurt himself at some time. I hope it doesn't hurt too much, did you and Holly kiss it better for him. Hope you get some decent muggings tonight and plenty of snoozes in the warm on your cushions. Love, licks and wags from little (I'm staying in the warm) Arch xxxx

  2. Glad to see you had your coats on and poor Miss Snowflake her fur was all blown upwards looks as though she needs a smaller version of your coats. Frozen sniffs are no good at all not to man or beast or doggie, you need your pathways warmed up so you know where you are going. Very interesting programme on TV about animals and among other topics about marking their territories tonight, I thought of you. Why doesn't OTL have a light under his desk when he is doing silly things like banging in nails, what suddenly possessed him to turf you out of your rightful place and start banging and crashing about? I do hope he didn't say words that your little ears should not have heard!! I expect TM will play nursey and rush around administrating medication to his wound. She is a very caring person, or she had better be because if OTL can't go out because of his injury she is going to have to take you all out in morning, at lunchtime and in the afternoon. Stay warm with your cushions. xxxx