Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Super Sunny Day and OTL is Not Happy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Down on the beach this morning we discovered signs of alien visitations!

It was a sort of 'Crop Circle' but in the sand and with the help of some sticks and sea weed it looked just like a visitor from Outer Space!

Holly said it looked more like The Missus without her makeup on!

TM or ET?
 It was so sunny that I got all big and brave and went in for a sort of Deep Paddle, the first time this year!

Old Two Legs wouldn't let me go right in 'cos he says it was too cold and if I got into trouble he wasn't coming in after me!

First Paddle!
Holly stayed well away from the water and met up with a Doodle Dog who was so happy to see another woofer that she danced around Holly and even gave Holly a kiss on the nose!

Do you get out much?
Lunch time we were down on The Sea Wall again and there were two Holly's on the wall.

OTL took this picture and you can see it shows, Holly, Holly and OTL!

It's Me Again!
Now, you know OTL has been playing about with this B&W camera and the filters and how he was looking for dramatic clouds and how he was going to try the ND Graduated Filter?

Well, with all this weather we have had of late all he has got is mist, which wasn't what he had in mind, mist does not rate as very dramatic!

Today there was no mist and just One Cloud!

Not exactly a Dramatic Scene either'!
You know, I felt so sad for him that I even stood still long enough for him to take a picture of me!

Go on then, just the one!
 On the way back home we stopped at our local village church called All Saints. This church has been here since the Twelfth Century, not all that we see today but there are bits there that date from 1100 AD!

With that in mind, OTL has done some fiddling with the computer to make the photo look old, a bit like him really!

Seriously Old and so is the church!
TM has been out all day today at some Glue & Glitter Gathering, so she will be home later, dripping glitter all over the place!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh heck, that Holly dog will be in bother when TM reads your diary ........ I reckon she'll be on doggie scoff for at least a week. I'm going to say, it looked like an alien, I wouldn't dare say otherwise. It's a wonder your little paws didn't freeze in the sea Daisy, it does look cold. What a sweet little doodle dog, they usually are cheerful little woofers. That little cloud looked a bit lonely. You're a good girl posing for OTL, I hope it cheered him up. Wow, 2 Holly's, so will that be double doggie scoff? Loved the pictures, the church looks good looking old, now Daisy, you shouldn't call OTL old, he might get upset. Hope TM had a good day playing with the glue and glitter, Holly better hope she's too tired to read the diary. Have a lovely evening, hopefully with some muggings, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx

  2. I hope for your sake that TM doesn't read your Blog or Holly will be in trouble, deep trouble, deeper than the puddle you paddled in!! It was funny though, I expect a LL (little legs) had been playing. The little cloud was lovely perhaps OTL will find it a mate soon and take another picture, kind of you to pose today for him, it must have cheered him immensely. Did doodle dog say hello to him as well, he look very friendly I can just imagine him bobbling along the sea wall looking for friends. The church looks lovely being made sepia, don't try painting OTL sepia though or get ideas of pinching some of TM's inks and blending them into a nice sepia colour and having a go at some art work on his face while he sleeps. I never gave you that idea, I shall deny it. Have a lovely evening and Wednesday, I am working again so I shall pop up tomorrow evening. xxxx