Wednesday, 18 February 2015

OTL and The Wrong Camera!

Hi Woofers!

The Gang is Back, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We have been busy today, this morning we were chasing around woofing at Old Two Legs to hurry up, even the ferrets were giving him stick!

He got chased all down the stairs and out to the car!

When we got to the car park we spotted a couple of rabbits on the green and as soon as OTL had opened the door we were off like a couple of Puppy Powered Rockets!

OTL was clicking away but when he stopped to check, he found out he had grabbed the Infrared Camera!

Not what he wanted to bring this morning!

Miss Snowflake almost got her self in trouble.

There she was, on her rock, doing what a ferrets does in the morning, she finished and then moved towards the beach when, splash!

Her back end landed in the rock pool and she just stood there.

Next she called out 'OTL, HELP!'

Pretty soon she was lifted up and she wiped her back end on OTL's coat sleeve to dry off!

Stuck between a Rock and a Wet Place!
 Not to worry, she was back and running around and even spotted a sniff on The Sea Wall. We all had a go at identifying what it was!

Well, I reckon it is a Stoat!
Back home to find that The Missus had gone out shopping. Holly and I sat up at the bedroom window watching out for her but as lunchtime got closer she still hadn't come back.

OTL had to do some deliveries so it was into the Big Car and off we went!

After dropping off the last delivery, we stopped at a church called St Mary Magdalene which was in a place called Stockbury.

Very pretty it looked as well!

St Mary Magdalene.
We stopped down the road at a park we had visited before. Last time it was full of rabbits but this time there was nothing, not a rabbit or a woofer anywhere!

OTL looked at the sky and started to cry, he still hadn't changed his camera over, so it is still Infrared!

He was saying that with the other camera and the filter he could have had a 'Dramatic Sky'

Just what would it be like with a Red Filter?

 On the way back home we stopped at our favourite place, The Doggy Shop!

We helped OTL fill up the shopping basket with goodies for us, Chicken Fillets and Chews and Nibbles and Teeth Cleaning Chews!

Then, on instructions from TM, we stopped at the farm shop and got a big bag of bird seed ans big bag of peanuts.

That should keep them all happy for a while!

OTL was back to work while Holly and I settled down for a snooze, until dinner time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Sounds like a very good day, fun on the beach first thing, then out doing deliveries, then a park, then the doggy shop to fill up with goodies. doesn't get much better than that. Poor Miss Snowflake, I bet that water was cold this morning, I see you had your flying jackets on. I bet it's fun going round in the big car, you get a better view, did you do any sticking out your tongues? I hope there were some ferret treats in all that shopping, I mean you and Holly got lots, the birds got lots so the ferrets needed some treats too. Lovely pictures today, that sky looks quite dramatic to me. I'm sure there will be another cloudy day for OTL to use his filter on. Enjoy your snoozes and dinner, hope there's some muggings later as well. See you tomorrow, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Wallace and Gromit made a film called "The Wrong Trousers" is your next epic going to be "The Wrong Camera" Michael said OTL must be getting old and how could he pick up the wrong camera?
    Poor Snowflake she is going to get a chill keep falling tail end into the water like that it is just as well OTL had on the right sleeves to dry her off. A lovely day you have had doing deliveries, the beach, the park, the church and then the Doggie Shop, wow, I hope OTL had a trolley and not one of those little baskets. The pictures were good as always, the sky was very dramatic ready for another day with the Right Camera and the red filter. Perhaps tomorrow you will have time, meanwhile don't eat all your treats at once and enjoy more sunshine. xxxx