Monday, 23 February 2015

Rivers of Mud and Take 57!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We have had some fun today, it started first thing this morning. The Missus had got up around five and decided to have a quick run around with the jet powered vacuum cleaner.

That woke everyone up!

The ferrets were kicking their Poo Pots around, Holly called out that they should 'Keep Woofin' Quiet!' and Old Two Legs rolled over, knocked his glasses onto the floor and went to sleep again!

We all woke up again at seven thirty!

Except TM, who was wide awake all the time!

Up we got and the sun was shining and both ferrets were charging around in the office getting all excited about their breakfast of Lactose Free Milk!

We headed off to the beach and Mr Brambles asked to get out for a wee before we got to the beach. Miss Snowflake got out at the same time to have a ferret around.

Mr Brambles was in a good mood and pretended to be a 'Grass Shark' and said he was chasing OTL!

Here comes the Grass Shark!
Soon they were back in the Ferret Bag and by the time we got to The Beach they were both fast asleep!

Snowflake was out first and played a game of 'Chase OTL' to try to get back in the bag.

Brambles on the other paw, had trouble waking up again and it took a little while before he finally got moving!

I really didn't want to wake up!
Holly and I had a game of chase and I found an egg sack which we both tossed into the air and it was carried along in the wind!

My Turn!
 Miss Snowflake was scampering about an getting fed up with chasing OTL she stopped and pointed her nose to the sky, 'Mmmmmmmm Chicken Kebab!'

A Sniff from Southend on Sea!
Both ferrets followed the sniff but when the climbed up the steps, it faded away!

It's Gone!
We met up with Barney who wanted to know where the ferrets were before he greeted OTL and got a tickle behind his ear!

He's a bit of a wimp really, but a lovely lad all the same!

OK, where are they?
Back home OTL was busy working and pretty soon he had a big parcel ready for the carrier.

After shipping it we headed off to The Forest! OTL was worried about the mud but we told him that it must all be dry by now!

He still put on his wellies!

Just how wrong can we get!

It started off all nice and dry.

Look! No Mud Here!
We spotted a bunch of Young Daffodils growing in the wood and Holly said that it won't be long before they started to bloom!

This years Daffs!
We were on the lookout for squirrels and it was OTL who saw the first one!

It was OK spotting them but the path was very muddy and by the time we got to where they were, they had gone!

A Path? More like a River of Mud!
By the time we got back to the car our legs were very muddy and quaggy! OTL put us on our leads before we got in the car to keep us off the seats!

I feel very muddy!
Back home we both got a good wash to get rid of the mud!

Up stairs we went to tell the ferrets all about The Forest but they were both asleep, Snowflake was in their 'Sleep Basket' and Mr Brambles was asleep in the Hammock!

This is the life!
 Late this afternoon, TM got all psyched up and did her 'Bleeding Tissue video again and again and again!

It's amazing how you can get tongue tied when your painting a tissue with cold water!

You will be pleased to know that they finally finished, after about five hundred 'Takes', so now it's up to OTL to put it all together!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Still Asleep!)


  1. what a busy day, first TM waking you all up in the middle of the night, booooo hisssssssss. Lovely pictures today, love the close ups. OTL was a little hard on the ferrets, chucking them out of the bag when they were cosy and asleep. You and Holly look like you're having a lot of fun on the beach and in the forest, wasn't it muddy still. Did Holly cheer TM on while she was making her video? Did the ferrets put in an appearance? Are you on the credits? Did TM order a new fridge yet? Lots of questions today but we all want to know. Mr Brambles looks so snuggly in his hammock, I bet he's catching up on the sleep he missed when TM was hoovering. Have a lovely evening all, happy snoozing and muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx

  2. OTL has been hogging the computer again, you will have to tell him to get off because you have a blog to write and he is holding you up from all your admirers, TM is very slow doing these video forgetting what she is going to say. You really must insist on helping her out next time, it would be done in half the time. Back to todays' story with beautiful pictures, Mr B looks in the lap of luxury in that hammock, full of lactose free milk and sunshine, not to mention your biscuits! Nice to see Barney again, sure his legs are longer. The daffs are going to be very pretty when they bloom, the squirrel is still teasing you and the mud, well what can I say about the mud. So why does TM like playing with her turbo charger in the middle of the night, she will be dog tired by tea time, wonder she didn't fall asleep during the making of the epic, don't tell me that was why there were so many takes, she had to be prodded awake. I hope you manage to get a proper nights sleep tonight, all the walking you do you need your beauty sleep my little darlings. Maybe OTL will pop over to Southend tomorrow and bring back a couple of chicken kebabs!! xxxx