Wednesday, 25 February 2015

So, Where is Our Oscar?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a day it's been!

Up late this morning 'cos we wen to bed late last night. Old Two Legs finally finished the video for The Missus and after spending hours up loading it to YouTube, it went 'Live' last night!

TM seems pleased with the result, (so she should be!) and she is now getting all the glory on FaceAche, mind you, not a word about the hours OTL and us spent working in the 'Editing Suite' getting rid of TM's Err's and Ummmns' and 'Oppp's that's gone on the floor'!

It was Hell, but we did it in the end!

Bleeding Art Tissue with Inky!

Well, we were a little late in getting out but as we missed most of the rain it didn't really matter!

OTL thought that there might be some 'Dramatic Clouds' so he brought along the B&W camera and the Yellow Filter.

All there was up in the sky was 'Grey Cloud' everywhere!

Dramatic it ain't!
It wasn't too cold and the tide was out. Holly and I had a game of 'Chase' then Snowflake decided to have a 'Ferret Game' called 'Hide 'n Sneak'!

Hide 'n Sneak anyone?
 I was having too much fun to join in her game, Holly was down the other end of the beach and Brambles was hunting Kebab Sniffs!

Sand Shovelling!
 Mind you, I did let her join in digging my hole!

You dig there and I'll dig here!
Mr Brambles is so food orientated, he is still breakfasting on our Doggy Biscuits and he makes a real pig of himself!

The way he is obsessed by the Kebab Sniff I reckon that OTL will get a serious mugging the next time he brings a Kebab home!

It's still gone, wonder when it'll come back?
OTL has been busy this morning with 'Manufacturing' again, work, work, work, these Two Legs seem to do nothing else, poor dears!

Us Woofers on the other paw know how to enjoy life and it starts off with a snooze!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and this time there were some breaks in the clouds, not many, but some!

Holly met up with one of the Wormy Men who was coming in off the mud, of course, Holly being Holly was straight down the steps and wanted to have a look!

Hey Mister, Let's Have a Look at Yer Worms?
 He said that she was just big enough for him to feed her to the worms and at that point she ran off!

We met up with Bonnie, a very nice Staffy who thinks OTL is just wonderful and the best thing is he gives her a tickle on her tail!

Hello OTL!
Holly and I think that she is just one Big Tart!

Holly suggested that we sat on The Sea Wall and let OTL set up a picture to show the 'Dramatic Clouds'

We still reckon that what he needs is dramatic clouds and dramatic mountains, like wot there is at the end of Rannoch Moor, just before you go down into Glencoe!

OK, where are the mountains?
Now, we have been waiting for the knock on the door and the crowds of reporters and loads of people clapping and a big red carpet outside the front of the house.

I mean, that last film we did deserved the biggest Oscar of them all!

Just a gentle hint........................We are Still Waiting!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What can I say, you ninja guard woofers did such a wonderful job, so did OTL. At least you got a mention on the credits even if old inky fingers didn't share the camera with you. We know that it's the background crew that do all the work. I reckon one day you'll be appearing on the Oscars, in your thank you speech you can grass TM up for giving you doggie scoff. Looks like you all had a great time on the beach this morning, playing hide and sneak, digging holes, sniffing for kebab sniffs, what a lot of fun. Poor OTL, he has to work hard to pay for things like the beauty parlour, new fridges, vets bills etc, he must love you all very much to work so hard. Poor Holly, that wormy man was teasing her about feeding her his worms. Lovely dramatic pictures, specially the one with you and Holly sitting watching those clouds. Have a lovely snoozey evening, you never know, maybe OTL might bring a kebab home one day soon so you can all have a taste. Make sure you all get a good rest from all the hard work you do. Love, licks and wags from little (snoozing) Arch xxxx

  2. The success of any film lies with the producer and director without whom the final work would not come to fruition. The leading lady of course does play a part but alone she is nothing because the world can't see her performance without the crew around. That said well done TM on your superb demonstration, an inspiration to all crafters everywhere. Love the Hide and Sneaking Snowflake but poor Mr Brambles still looking for his kebab as if your biscuits weren't enough, perhaps find him a chicken kebab and you will have the biscuits to yourselves, ummm probably not. Very dramatic sky even without the mountains, you get to have such lovely days with all the walking and digging, the wormy man wasn't very kind to poor Holly who only wanted to look. I watched the news in case their was another Oscar but maybe they have run out of trophies for the time being, keep waiting, good things come to those who wait. Enjoy your peaceful evening and don't laugh too much when OTL has to do more manufacturing, remember it buys the biscuits and kebabs. xxxx