Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Stinker Butch?

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Butch' Brambles!

Well, what a day!

We got up early this morning and had a look at the comments on yesterdays blog.

Mr Brambles a stinker? Never has he been known to cracked one off! He is a well behaved, (sometimes) gentle ferret with impeccable manners!

Mind you, we did have a lost ferret here once, her name was Twinkle, and she let off a few 'Crackers' whilst she was here, made every ones eyes water!

Now, Butch says that he might just own up to being a little bit of a 'Tea Leaf' but that is in his DNA and he can't help that, all dogs are opportunists!

He says that he has never tried mouse, does it taste like chicken?

Do they do Mouse Tasting Biscuits?
Butch was a bit worried this morning about the size of the Doggy Drinking Bowl, he didn't know if he had to drink it or swim in it!

Swim or drink, Drink or swim?
On the way down to the beach we met up with that Big Bouncing Bozo again but this time he didn't come bounding over to us, instead he sat down and called out to us............'You got those Ferrets there?'

Miss Snowflake stayed curled up at the bottom of the bag but 'Butch' stuck his head out and said that he should come over and see!

I ain't going anywhere near ferrets again!
Miss Snowflake stuck her head up and asked if he tasted like Mouse? And, could she have another nibble of his nose, just to check!

That was it, he was off like a rocket!

On the beach, Mrs Corvid was bashing away at a Winkle shell and said that sometimes she just didn't think it was worth all the effort!

I think I'll go back to carrion!
Down on the beach, instead of having a wee behind the rocks, as normal, Butch tried cocking his leg, like a real dog does.

He fell over onto his back, on top of the wet sea weed!

Miss Snowflake was so terribly embarrassed and stood there shaking her head!

Oh No! He can be SO Embarrassing sometimes!
Back home, we all had a chase around the house and Snowflake said that she was going to make a card today, but not with the Glue & Glitter, instead she would use the 'Bleeding Tissue' method that The Missus was teaching at her Master Classes.

That was if she could keep Butch from swimming around in the drinking bowl!

I think I'll make a card today!
Old Two Legs has been peeking into the bird box, there is a camera in there and we can see what the birds are doing. Well, the sparrows have started to build their nest for this year and there is new bits of grass all over the place.

The male sparrow is the one who it seems has taken charge of nest building and spends lots of time pushing and shoving the grass around and in and out. We just hope that he doesn't cover the lens like he did last year!

See you all tomorrow!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Butch' Brambles!


  1. I'm glad to hear that little Butch is still a woofer, tell him that weeing on three legs is hard when you start but it gets easier with more practice. I bet that bozo woofer was too scared to take on Miss Snowflake, she must have made his nose sting a bit, did she say it tasted like mouse or chicken? I'm glad to see that Butch's reputation for being a nice little chap and not a bit smelly is still intact. I remember the stories of Twinkle and her eye watering chuffs. Lovely pictures again today, Butch is really making himself familiar with the woofer bowls. Did Miss Snowflake manage to make a card, is it a valentines day card for Butch? I bet it is. I feel sorry for the poor corvid, winkles don't give up much whether you drop them or use a needle, but I do like them in vinegar. I do hope that you can get some good pictures of inside the bird box this year. Have a lovely evening all, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Such adventures you all have. I thought you were going some place new today? My three cats are sleeping and dreaming of foreign places and new lands. You got me all excited about a bleeding tissue technique but you never followed through with it!
    I guess you were hunting for something a little stronger than water Butch. By the way - mouse taste just like mouse.
    Your new friends from over the pond!

  3. Hello again, it seems like Ferrets Are Us again today you don't mind Daisy giving all the page space to your little friends, that big fluffy dog looks very inquisitive I suppose he has never seen a Butch Ferret Dog before. Can OTL buy him a smaller water bowl, it is unfair when he is training to be a dog to have such a huge thing. They may sell Mouse Biscuits for cats but not for dogs, maybe Butch can try training as a cat is he wants mouse!
    Did Snowflake make Butch a card for Valentines Day? did TM prepare one for OTL, you had better make sure the letter box is clear for Saturday with so many eligible ladies in the house the postman is bound to be busy.
    Hope you get more success with the bird box this year it would be lovely to see what is going on in there. Is TM doing any more of her videos yet and maybe you will get a look in next time. xxxx