Friday, 27 February 2015

Two Walks for The Ferrets!

Hi Woofers!

Us here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Hey! The sunshine has come back again!

Mind you, there was a bit of frost this morning, Old Two Legs had to spend some time scraping it all off the windscreen!

By the time we had got down to The Beach, the sun was out and warming everything up!

Spring is here!

Snowflake had to get out of the Ferret Bag before we got to the beach 'cos she had drunk too much Lactose Free Milk this morning!

Ooooooh! That's Better!
Down on the beach we were surprised to see Mrs Corvid a few feet along the beach, poking about in the sea weed looking for her breakfast.

The amazing thing was, she was getting closer and closer to OTL without realising it!

Holly and I were standing stock still watching her get closer!

Psst! Says Holly, 'A few more feet and we're in with a chance!'

Mrs Corvid must have heard Holly 'cos she turned her head and said....................

In Yer Dreams Woofer!
That was it, Holly was off like a bullet from a gun but by the time she had got to the shore, Mrs Corvid was gliding over the rock pools calling back...............

Told Ya!
Both ferrets were still on the wet sand trying to wake up!

Wot was all that noise?
Off we went, back towards the car and both ferrets were having a wonderful time 'Sniffin The Sniffs' all the way back!

Come on, let me have a sniff as well!
Back home we had a good game of chase all around the house and Brambles got side tracked by our biscuits, as normal, while Miss Snowflake was playing 'Hunt the Squeak' with OTL!

I don't know if it is the warm weather, but both ferrets just were not interested in going to sleep, as they normally do.

Snowflake was up at the cage door, Rattling it for all she was worth. Mr Brambles was at the up stairs door, giving it a good bash as well!

Holly was fast asleep on the bed and I was getting no sleep, so I was looking for something to interest me!

OTL let the ferrets out for a run but they both headed down to the front door.

I decided that we should go for another walk, so I gave OTL the 'Secret Sign', a thump on the back of his chair!

In the end he decided that there was no point in trying to work, he just had to take us all out again!

So, there we were, eleven fifteen, down on the beach again but this time digging holes and running about!

The ferrets thought it was great fun and scampered all over the place when they got to the grass path.

Mr Brambles was having trouble getting up the steps again, so he was calling out for Snowflake to 'Give him a shove'!

I'm sure this thing is growing!
 Snowflake came back, took a look and said 'No Dear, it's you, your getting too fat to get over the step!'

Your front is OK but the back end just doesn't have the power!
We all had a good laugh about that!

OTL stopped at the bench and put both ferrets up on top. Holly and I jumped up as well and we all had a look at the scene around us.

Both ferrets had never seen so much grass and trees at one time and said that they didn't know the world was so big!

You can see so much from up here!
 Then Miss Snowflake found a small problem with being up so high.

It sure is a long way down!
It was OK for OTL, Holly and me 'cos we could easily get up and down but the ferrets have only got short legs which maybe OK for climbing up but not so good for going down!

Back home again and the first thing both ferrets did was to fall asleep, and they haven't moved since, in fact OTL has given them a poke, just to make sure they were still alive!

I reckon they will sleep all the way through the night without waking up once!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snoozy Snowflake and Mr Snoring Brambles!


  1. What a day, for snoozy Snowflake and snoring Mr Brambles, they must have had a great adventure. I bet they are worn out now. You and Holly didn't do so bad either. Poor Holly, she still hasn't learned that Mrs Corvid is too fast for her. Lovely pictures today. Glad the sun shone down there in Kent. I bet OTL is tired with taking the four of you out twice today. Good to get out though in the fresh air. Hope you all have a lovely evening with plenty of muggings. Tell Mr Brambles he might find it easier to get up the steps if he has less doggie biscuits. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Well I went away and read your Friday Diary from Appledore, then I commented and clicked Publish and it was gone, all my comment disappeared so I have only been here in thought and not in comments.
    Not even midday and poor OTL is dragged down for another walk, he will be needing a new pair of boots at this rate, you had better save your pennies or get him another job! So Holly thought she would beat Mrs Corvid, no chance and although Holly tries to show us she can fly sometimes it is not the real flying that Mrs Corvid does!! No wonder that the ferrets slept for England after all that walking and with only little legs they have to walk more to catch up. Beautiful pictures in the sunshine, that'w what we like. xxxx