Saturday, 7 March 2015

I Got Soggy Again, I Got Soggy Again!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

Wot a super day it's been!

Wonderful sunshine all day, The Missus has been of doing her 'Master Class', Old Two Legs has finished all his 'Paperwork' and I got Soggy!

We started off early 'cos we had to drop TM off at the village Hall.

Down on the path we met up with a couple of the 'Lads' who think OTL is wonderful!

It almost gets embarrassing sometimes!

Hi OTL, So Good To See You!
Down on The Beach the ferrets were intrigued with OTL trying to take 'Ferrets Eye' photographs. As Mr Brambles said, it all looks the same to me!

Just imagine what it would look like if he tried an Ants Eye View?

Can''t see much from down here!
Miss Snowflake had just come back off the rocks said that down there she could see even less!

You can see even less down near the Rocks!
It wasn't long before they set off at a pace for the grass path which means that first of all they have to negotiate the 'Wall Of Death'.

Mr Brambles normally takes this at a run and manages to give his claws a trim at the same time!

Out of the way, Ferret coming through!
Back home Holly and I were busy eating our breakfast when, without any warning, Brambles turned up in the kitchen looking to get some of our biscuits. Little did he know we get sort of 'Possessive'  about our food, so, when I did the 'Warning Grumble' it was a good thing that OTL picked him up before I tried a little nibble of ferret!

Holly and I finished our breakfast and went off for a snooze allowing the ferrets to raid our biscuit bowl!

Lunchtime was great, down to the waters edge and straight in!

Look at me!
I was in and out of the water chasing the stick that OTL threw for me. The tide wasn't right in yet, so, I was kicking up the mud as I swam in and out!

Holly was not impressed, she just doesn't do water!

Oh, Please! Does she have to make such a fuss!
With the tide coming in, it was getting deeper all the time and I was having a great time splashing about.

I have a game with OTL, he throws the stick out into the water, I fetch it and bring it back to shore, put it down and wait.

Then, a soon as OTL goes to pick up the stick, I have a good shake and try to cover him with water!

Coming into Dock!
OTL is getting good at the game and it is harder to catch him nowadays!

Holly wandered along the beach and was busy enjoying watching the waves lap on the shore.

It's relaxing watching the waves.
In the end I was getting a bit tired, all this swimming takes it out of you!

Holly was pleased that we were on the move and back to the grass where the sniffing was more interesting!

Yeah, Come on lets get sniffing!
 I was looking for a place to hide the stick until tomorrow when we can use it again!

Now, who was it that said I looked all thin and scrawny after a swim?

I'll tell you, I'm not skinny I'm a........................................

I'm a Lean Mean Swimming Machine!
We were heading back to the car and I couldn't remember if we had a towel 'cos the drips were running down my back and under my tail!

Most uncomfortable!

You did bring a towel?
Of course he did! I enjoyed a good rub down back in the car and when we got home I even had a little snooze all wrapped up in a dry towel!

A Nice Warm Snooze.
So, we are all ready to mug OTL when he gets his dinner and then it's off for another snooze before bedtime!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day, with beautiful photos. You do look like a lean mean swimming machine. I don't think ferret nibble is as good as doggie nibbles, you must promise not to try a taste of poor Mr Brambles. Glad you all had fun on the beach playing and swimming, I expect Holly enjoyed her sunbathing. You looked very snuggly in that towel. Hope TM had a good time at her master class. Enjoy your mugging and pre bed snooze. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Oh wow, a lean mean swimming machine, how amazingly true, I remember saying that you looked very thin when you were all wet but I never bargained for the lean mean swimming machine, that was hidden under that exterior. Lovely photos today OTL getting right down to ferret level, I hope he doesn't try too hard and not be able to get up! That dry towel in front of the window looks very nice and cosy, Holly will be wanting a dry towel there as well soon but you tell her that she has to swim first. The nice weather can keep with us for a while yet, we need all those extra rays. Today we had our Daisy visit us, she loves going to the park to see the ducks and playing on the climbing frames and things. She is coming back next month during her school holiday so we are hoping it will be more fun and games. Hope your evening went well and hope you managed to outwit those little furries. xxxx