Friday, 6 March 2015

I'm a Soggy Doggy!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You can tell the weekend is here, first thing in The Missus packing stuff up for a 'Master Class' and then pinching the little car to go out for the day card making!

As if she doesn't get enough of it at home!

We got down to the beach a bit earlier than normal, so Old Two Legs managed to capture a 'Morning' picture across the river!

 A Golden Morning Light
Both ferrets were awake and out of the bag a bit quicker than normal, so that is a sign that the Spring is here!

OTL was playing about trying to get a Ferrets Eye View again. Miss Snowflake said that under the sea weed there was a Big Slimy Monster!

Here Be Monsters!
It wasn't long before they were running up the beach towards The Sea Wall. OTL tried but missed getting a Ferrets Eye View of Brambles and Snowflake having a race up the beach!

Another Ferrets Eye View!
There was a lot of noise coming from over the wall but we didn't see anyone but that didn't stop Brambles from having a long 'Listen'!

Wossat Up There?
Snowflake noticed that the sea had done some re-arranging of the shells on the beach and now claims that there are hills on the beach!

It's all Up Hill Now!
Along the top path we met up with Dave the Westie. We said 'Hello' but really all he wanted was to do was to say hello to OTL!

Hello OTL!
He got a stroke and a tickle on his tail which made him laugh and wriggle around!

Back home TM was getting ready to go out so we couldn't hang around too long!

OTL spent some time manufacturing while Holly and I had a snooze until just before lunchtime.

Now normally it is me who jumps up and shoves the back of OTL's chair to show it is time for our lunchtime walk. Not today, Holly crept up behind OTL and did a 'Really Big Woof' which, makes OTL turn around and ask what she wants!

OTL says to Holly, 'OK, What do you want? Show Me'

Holly runs off to the top of the stairs, turns around to make sure OTL is following, then down stairs to the front door.

OTL follows and then asks again, 'What do you want?'

Holly then goes up to the foot stool where our lead is kept and touched it with her nose!

Now, can you understand that both Holly and I can 'Talk' to OTL in our own way?

So, that was it, OTL got his coat and camera and off we went!

The tide was almost at the 'Top of The Tide', in fact, there was only half an hour left before High Tide!

I had a trot along the beach and a little paddle, until OTL told me to 'Come on Out', spoilsport!

A Paddle would be nice!
I carried on along the shore line and all of a sudden, I slipped into water when the stones gave way under me, Honest!

It was the stones fault!
Then I couldn't resist it, I went splashing into the water and paddled around a little bit!

OTL gave way and threw a stick into the water and off I went! It was great feeling the water over my back and of course, my periscope was straight up!

Periscope up!
It was OK carrying the stick in the water 'cos it floats but getting it up the beach to OTL was a bit awkward at times!

It's got a bit of a droop!
Holly, who doesn't do water, sat on the beach topping up her tan and totally ignoring me all together!

I don't do water!
On our way back we bumped into Darcy who was just tickled pink to see OTL and had a little game of 'Chase The Stick' but thought it was 'The Business' when OTL tickled Darcy's tail!

OTL does a good Tickle!
We stopped at the bench and jumped up to see if there were any rabbits running about and Holly said that she looked looked 'The Business' 'cos I was a little 'Damp Around the Edges'.

Even OTL said that I looked like a Soggy Doggy!

Doesn't she look bedraggled!
We went out in the afternoon to the carrier and by then I was all dry and fluffed up!

So, now we are sitting at the bedroom window waiting for TM to come back and cook some dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day. Beautiful sky picture and beautiful pictures of all you lot. I hear it's supposed to be warm this weekend so maybe you'll be able to have a bit more swim time. It's awful how those stones get so slippery and give way. You looked like you were really enjoying your game though. Of course OTL knows just what you're saying to him and I'm sure you know just what he's saying to you. Hope TM had a good day card making. I bet Dave and Darcy love meeting up with OTL for their tail tickles.
    Have a lovely evening all, make the most of the muggings and snoozes. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. It has been lovely today, I did have a chuckle when I saw you looking so bedraggled, you look so thin compared to a dry Holly, even thinner with your fur sticking to your little bones. Ah, you need some nice doggie scoff to fill you out a bit!! xx Beautiful pictures of you all, Darcy and you with your periscope especially. I do think you are clever being able to talk to OTL and he is good too by letting you know he understands you. Hope TM had a good Inky Session, she does enjoy herself and creates some beautiful work. xxxx