Tuesday, 3 March 2015

OTL 'Engineers' the Door Off!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Today is the day that Old Two Legs has to get the fridge out from the units in the kitchen and then he has to take the door off as well!

It has been worrying him 'cos as much as he has looked at the bits between the cover and the fridge door, he still can't work out how it comes off!

You know, he has even been on YouTube looking for information but what he has seen looks nothing like wot we got!

We were up early today and down the beach, the clouds looked rather dramatic but guess what? No Yellow Filter, so it is colour this time, just for Michael!

Could have done with a Yellow Filter this morning!
Miss Snowflake was in a good mood, she sort of 'Fell' out of the bag and was first into the Sea Weed. She said that she could sniff a 'Big Slimy Monster' under one rock but we think she was trying to wind Mr Brambles up 'cos he doesn't like the thought of Monsters under the rocks!

Guess Wot I Sniff?
After the beach it was back to the car as quickly as possible. Brambles said he was 'Starving' and was in need of some more doggy biscuits, providing there were any left after Holly and I had our fill last night!

Come on, before they get back and eat some more!
Back home there was some 'Manufacturing' to be done so OTL didn't have a chance to investigate the fridge door, but he did get down his tool kit and a couple of torches so he can peer into the void between the cover and the door!

Lunchtime came and of course, there we were down the beach again and guess wot?

Yep! He forgot it again! Only this time there were loads of fluffy clouds up in the sky that would have looked great by being seen through a Yellow Filter!

Another one for Michael!
Holly and I kept on asking if he had a filter with him and I was digging in the sand and saying that I had found a Yellow Filter, and then saying 'No, it's only the sand'!

Look! A Yellow Filter!
Next I pretended to bury the filter at the bottom of the hole I was digging.

OTL was 'Not Amused'!

I'll hide the filter here!
Holly said that while I was doing that, she would start working on her tan and 'Get a Few Rays' and would OTL think it would look good behind a Yellow Filter?

Do you think a Yellow Filter would improve my tan?
We didn't hang about too much 'cos OTL still needs to investigate the fridge door!

Holly and I had a look for rabbits from the table while OTL rubbed the sand off our back and off my nose!

I see no rabbits!
Holly was up on the table as well and was looking at the Rabbit Hunting Ground but didn't spot a thing!

Holly said that she would put up with a cat, just to get some exercise but there was nothing!

I'd even chase a cat!
Back home we gathered at the kitchen door to watch the fun.

First of all OTL took the 'Kick Board' out and spotted there was a pile of dust and crumbs underneath! It was obvious that the board hadn't been removed since the kitchen was put in!

Well, the fridge door came off at the hinges and then the fridge was removed and 'stored' in the garden.

Then the fun began. OTL brought the door into the lounge, sat down on a foot stood and set about twiddling screws and poking holes with a small screw driver!

Then he levered the door seal to one side and found a series of screws that if you 'Screwed them In' the door cover started to look like it was going to fall off!

So, by careful screwing and turning of the door they finally fell apart and OTL was left with four strange looking screws and some plastic 'Locking Cam Screws' (It's a technical description!)

So, clever OTL has got it all ready for tomorrow when the new fridge comes.

Now that's going to be fun watching him install that!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. That OTL is a clever chap, but I'm sure he couldn't have managed without you and Holly giving suggestions. He might have to resort to borrowing some of TM's glue tomorrow for sticking the door back on, I'm surprised he didn't find any glitter behind the kickboard. You and Holly are a pair of teases, tormenting him about his filter. The pictures were lovely in colour though. Poor Mr Brambles, you girls are all teases, naughty Snowflake telling him there was a monster under the rock. No wonder the poor little man wants to eat doggie biscuits, it's so he can grow big and strong and not have to worry about monsters. Don't woof at the men bringing the new fridge tomorrow or they might take it back. Tell Holly her tan looked good, or was it a tan on her nose? Have a lovely evening, hope the muggings are good. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Poor OTL, all the worry about the fridge door and he would forget his head if it wasn't screwed on and not just the yellow filter, the other day he left his camera behind. Lovely cloud pictures in colour and Michael liked them all fluffy and white, I do think big slimy monsters would look superb with the yellow filter though. Holly's tan is coming on nicely a few more warm days and she will be a real stunner even without a filter, I hope you left a few biscuits for Mr Brambles to have a nibble on, they may give him the bounce to get up those steps until he can get his stair lift installed. Hope the new fridge arrives safely and "Engineer OTL" fathoms out how to put the door on then he will get his head straight and start remembering to take his filters with him. Good job he hasn't forgotten you lot but then I don't suppose he would get the chance. Don't let him see you watching him put that door on or he may put it on upside down and then TM won't be best pleased and get into a strop. xxxx

  3. Fanks Daisy for the colour pictures, they certainly brighten the day up. Holly keep that yellow filter buried and away from OTL. Looks like you had a good day on the beach and that the fridge cover finally gave way to Kendo's expertise. XXX