Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Smelly Nelly's Here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

We were up early this morning, not that we wanted to be up, in fact we would rather be snoozing but The Missus got up and switched all the lights on then she did a 'Puppy Patrol' all around the house and ending up in her card store room and started to shift boxes of stuff all over the place!

The noise was terrible!

It even woke Old Two Legs up as well!

He was not a Happy Puppy!

Well, if OTL is up then we are up and of course, so are the Ferrets!

We even managed to catch the sun coming up over Sheerness and we met up with that Big Bozo Labrador called Mercedes who we haven't seen for ages!

He was tickled pink to see OTL 'cos he thinks OTL is wonderful!

Holly wanting to know what I'm doing.........sniffing of course!
Both Ferrets were out hunting the Big Slimy Monster in amongst the rock pools, they still didn't find it, I suppose it's a bit like Holly and me chasing rabbits!

It was here a moment ago!
We spotted that Rook again but he stayed a long way down the Sea Wall Path, mind you, that didn't stop Brambles from doing his 'Ferret Commando Crawl' as he got to the top of the steps!

Hostiles Ahead!
Back home we got Lambs Heart and biscuits and we left the Doggy Biscuits for Brambles to have a feed.

You know what? He was back to the bowl three times before he said he couldn't eat any more!

Well, we all slept very well while OTL was trying to 'Un-Bung' the printer head, without too much success!

Lunchtime we took him off for a run, just to help him clear his head of the cleaning stuff fumes!

Holly did one of her 'Big Poos' on the path which OTL had to clear up! Normally he uses one of the Poo Bags he has in his pocket then carries it around with him until he finds a rubbish bin to put it in but today he decided that he would walk up the hill and deposit it in the bin rather than carry it around with him!

Holly and I were sniffing around and when we looked, OTL had gone!

We didn't see where he had gone and we both got a bit worried 'cos neither Holly or I can drive the car!

Then Holly spotted him up on the hill!

There his is, up by the Poo Bin!
It was great in the sun, Holly and I were charging around on the sand  and Holly even had a Big Zoom along The Sea Wall!

Out of My Way, Holly is Zooming!
Down on The Beach OTL sat down to watch the tide come in and wanted to see what birds were feeding. It was mostly the Oyster Catchers out on the tide line but there were some Turnstones as well.

Holly and I had fun chasing each other and playing 'Throw The Stick' which Holly is very good at doing!
You threw it so You go and Get IT!
I had a wander along the beach while OTL was sitting on the sea shells, then I came back and just had to share my secret with him!

Guess Wot I've Rolled In?
Holly was resting on the beach behind me and was laughing 'cos she knew that when we got home I'd be having a bath!

Hey Nelly! I can sniff it from down here!
It's a pity the sea hadn't come in 'cos I could have washed it off with a swim, but I wasn't so lucky and ended up getting 'Shampooed' when I got home!

Well, some you win and some you lose!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

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  1. Sounds like a day full of fun. I think you need to ban TM from getting up so early, from the first picture it looks like the middle of the night. So Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles are in hunting mode, just like you and Holly, you've taught them well. I think Mr Brambles will be oinking soon if he keeps eating so many of your biscuits. Glad you had fun on the beach this afternoon, you know if OTL wanders off on his own, you'll have to start keeping him on a lead. Didn't you share the exciting sniff with Holly? Maybe if you hadn't told OTL that you'd been rolling in a sniff, he might not have noticed. Look at Holly zooming in that picture. Brilliant pictures as usual. Enjoy your day today, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx