Thursday, 30 April 2015

Good News Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well have we some good news!

Remember that poor little Teddy who was sitting on the block of concrete waiting for her friend? Well, she fell off a couple of times and Old Two Legs put her back up again and it rained and rained some more and then it got dry. Well, today we pulled into the car park and she wasn't there!

OTL had a look all around the car park and the blocks of concrete but she was nowhere to be seen.

We reckon that she has been found by the little Two Legs who lost her!

Now, that's good news!

Teddy's Gone Home!
With that very good news the day turned out to be a Super Day and Mr Brambles said that with the sun shine on his back he really felt good!

Life don't get much better than this!
 Mind you, they spent so much time rolling in the grass that Holly and I were getting a bit fed up waiting for them both!

How long do you think they are going to be?
We headed off towards the car and were enjoying the sniffs when behind us we heard 'Yo Girlie's, Yo OTL!

It was Barney!

We hadn't seen Barney for some time and he had just got back from a long holiday over in France!

We couldn't stay for too long 'cos OTL had a lot of work to get done today, but it was good to see Barney again!

Lunchtime we were back again and OTL had his camera and said that he should have brought his yellow filter 'cos the clouds looked 'Exciting'!

Now, does it look better in colour or black & white?

Colour or Mono?
 Now we're not so sure about the clouds but we reckon when it come to us, colour is best!

Looking Good!
 So, there we were, on top of the bench when along comes this gang of Basset type woofers who couldn't get up onto the bench!

Poor Dears!

Didn't we have fun woofing at them safe in the knowledge that they couldn't get to us!

How did you get up there?
We enjoyed snoozes today 'cos OTL has been working hard today, manufacturing and delivering!

He is going to be very busy tomorrow as well and still has some manufacturing planned for the weekend as well!

He says that next time he wants to be born as a woofer! Yeah! Let's see how he gets on with Doggy Scoff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Mr B looks in his element rolling on his back enjoying the sunshine and I bet you didn't really mind waiting for him. I do hope that the pink bear was found by his rightful owner it is awful to loose something precious like a pink bear. Fancy you teasing that Bassett woofer by playing your can't get to me game, watch out he will try to get his own back when you are on the ground!!! Lovely to see Barney again, so he has been off to France again getting all Parlez vous Francais with the Passport Brigade. So poor OTL is working tomorrow, you must try to help him in some way, worth a try because you know you get taken to the doggie shop with all the chicken fillets when you are extra good, paws crossed. I don't see him being a very good woofer after his exciting life as an OTL he would find it very boring. Have a super Crunchie Friday. xxxx

  2. Sounds like a smashing day down your way. Mr. B looks like he's really enjoying is roll in a lovely sniff. Did you say bon jour to Barney? He looks glad to be back. Hope that little TL did find her teddy. Good on you teasing those short legged woofers. I found a really lovely rollable sniff today and I was just about to launch on to it when my mum spotted me and shouted ........ bath .......... I decided to pass on it this time. Good to hear you had lots of nice snoozes. I think OTL would be a naughty woofer, I bet he'd be looking for good sniffs to roll in. Hope you got some good muggings this evening. Loved the pictures, I like the colour ones of you best but I quite like the cloud ones in black and white. Have a good snooze tonight. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx