Thursday, 2 April 2015

Last Day Before Easter!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Well, where to begin?

This morning, Old Two Legs was complaining that he hadn't had a good nights sleep, so, what's new?

He said that last night he was woofed at by Holly 'cos she wanted a wee. Then he was jumped on by Holly 'cos she wanted a cuddle. Then he was woken up by me jumping on him and kept awake by two woofers who were arguing over the best place to cuddle up to OTL!

He has been all sort of 'Wobbly' on his feet today, lack of sleep he says!

When we got down to The Beach this morning, some brainless moron had been let loose with a can of spray paint and had sprayed the Sea Wall!

OTL says it is advertising a 'Rave' this weekend. Holly did suggest that they could go out of the mud and have the rave, just when the tide is coming in!

Dumb & Crass!
 Why make our Sea Wall so messy?

Slave to Moronic Anti Social Behaviour!

The local police have been informed and we wait to see what will happen!

Not if the Police get there first!
Enough of Morons, let's get on with some proper fun!

There is nothing so wonderful as digging a hole on the beach!
I was really giving it some stick! OTL asked if I was going too deep, Nah! You cant' go too deep, just make sure you...................

Shore it up with Big Timbers!
Back home OTL managed to get most of his chores done by midday, TM was fed breakfast, she is feeling better and a good dose of TV on her iPlod Thingy helped as well.

She is now up to a coffee in a 'Large Mug' so we reckon another day in bed and she will able to get up and order OTL about from the comfort of the sofa!

The TV is also much bigger down stairs!

When it came to lunchtime, we headed off to do some deliveries and on the way back home we stopped off at The Riverside Park!

It was windy but not too bad really!

I got all excited and went in for a little paddle, which got me told off for being a 'Soggy Doggy'!

Me, in Trouble Again!

We met up with a load of other woofers who we had never met before but we all enjoyed a sniff and a chat about the sea weed sniffs!

Hello Lads!
There was one woofer who said he had rolled in his sniff and we were just dying to know where he got it!

Hey That's Good Sniff, Where Did You Get That?
When we got to Horrid Hill, Holly and I had a super game of 'Chase' just like we did when we were puppies!

I'm after yer Tail!
Holly had a look over the wall and decided that there was no way she was going to jump into the water!

In your dreams!
We headed back towards the car and half way along the path I got this terrible urge and I called to Holly to follow me and chase a fish or two!

She fell for it and went in to her knees!

Look Holly! Fishes!
OTL called us out then told us off for being Two Wet and Soggy Doggies!

In trouble twice in one walk, is that a record?

Back home, we told TM about our run and then had a snooze before dinner!

TM stayed in bed today, just, as OTL says, to keep all the germs in one room!

I don't know how long she will stay there but we don't want the ferrets to get infected 'cos they can catch flu from Two Legs and it may be dangerous for them!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad to see you 2 were looking after OTL during the night and making sure he got his share of the cuddles. Hope you didn't leave TM on her own for too long though. Poorly TL's especially TM's need extra cuddles when they're poorly. I keep telling my TM she's forgotten my brekkie but she isn't falling for it so far. Glad you had good fun on the beach and at Riverside Park. A little bit of trouble and mischief does you good, but remember poor OTL has a lot on his plate. Hope you get some good muggings tonight. I'm off back to nurse my TM, love, licks and weary wags from little Arch xxxx
    P.S. Hope your TM gets well soon. xxxx

  2. Holly in the water, woweeeee, poor Holly I bet she wasn't happy and I hope you didn't laugh too loud, he he. Glad TM is becoming herself again, I never knew that making cards could be so bad for your health, the Government keep telling us that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are bad for us but this crafting, oh it is very very bad. xxxx