Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Snowflake is down the vets again but gets her own back!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a super sunny day it's been!

We were up early to watch the fountains in the pond sprinkle water all over the frog spawn, well, we thought the frog spawn was still there but all there is left is the jelly! So, we reckon they have hatched and are now down the bottom of the pond staying out of harms way!

Then after investigating the pond it was off down to the beach for a rampage with the ferrets!

There was a Hazy looking sun up in the sky and Old Two Legs was trying to 'Capture The Mood' but in the end he had to give up 'cos Brambles was busting for a wee!

Down on the beach Holly and I were chatting to Max, Oscar and Bryn while the ferrets were scampering about in the sea weed.

I'm sure that sniff was around here yesterday!
Mr Brambles first of all couldn't find his rock and then once he did find it, he lost Snowflake!

Come on, just wave yer' tail so I can find you!
We didn't tell him but she was half way up the beach and heading for the grass path!

OTL put him right and off he scampered, mumbling something about being left behind!

Yes Dear, I'm following you!
At one point he caught up with Holly and me and asked 'Got any good sniffs Sis?' to which Holly replied, 'I'm not your Sis!'

Yo! Sis! Got a sniff?
Getting close to the Car Park, Holly swears she spotted a rabbit and we both stood still waiting for some movement but in the end had to give up 'cos OTL was calling us!

It's bound to move in a moment or two!
Back home Snowflake was put back in the travelling cage and packed off to the vet for her last dose of the Anti Biotic medicine.

OTL held her while the vet prised open her mouth and squirted the stuff down her throat. Snowflake gave a big shudder and then waved her head from side to side and covered the vet with Anti Biotic!

That sorted her out!

OTL was laughing 'cos the last time Snowflake managed to catch him!

Back home the Ping Pong Balls arrived and Snowflake had a little game in them but the box wasn't big enough for her to burrow down into the balls, so she picked one up and jumped out of the box and hid the ball in her Poo Pot!

As OTL said, 'Well, that Sez it all!'

Lunchtime the ferrets were asleep after Snowflake had bored us to death with her tale of drenching the vet with Anti Biotic!

Mind you, she has to go back on Saturday for a check up, just to make sure she is fully mended!

Holly and I headed off to the Sea Wall again and watched the tide come rushing in to shore. There was a sort of muddy scum on the water, so I decided that I would stay out today!

Looks a bit muddy to me!
Mind you, that didn't stop us from playing 'Chase' along the Sea Wall and the grass path.

OTL got to the Hawthorn Tree and spotted another Peacock butterfly but this one looked like it had been in a fight, his wings were well beaten up.

I didn't know butterflies had mating battles but this one looked like he had been in the wars!

Ragged around the edges!
Now, we have heard that Young Archie Babe has been taking his job rather seriously!

We understand the need for extra cuddles and maybe a bit of food tasting, just to make sure it is tasty enough, but, drinking the Lucozade?

Don't the bubbles get up your nose?

We tried a drop of beer ages ago and sneezed for an hour afterwards!

No more beer!

Now what's this about crying when you got your booster?

We don't cry, we HOWL and WOOF and HOWL again, (I even bare my teeth as well!)

Make a super big song and dance, it makes them feel rotten, but OTL doesn't get a discount!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day you've all had, well, except for Snowflake having to go to the vets. Glad she's had her last dose of medicine and hope that when she goes for her check up she gets a good pass. Remind Holly that Brambles is an honorary woofer so he does count as her bro. Lovely pictures again today. I wonder how many little tadpoles you have at the bottom of your pond, you'll have to peer thru the water and see if you can count them. Probably a good job you didn't have a swim, you might have needed a bath afterwards. I make the vet feel really, really guilty when I cry, they all line up to give me cuddles and I like cuddling ladies, I get all snuggled up deep in their bosoms ......... hehehehehehe ......... pervie or wot? I have to take my duties seriously, I quite liked the Lucozade, I think I prefer a drop of wine though. I've not had beer yet, maybe when I'm a bit older. Good to hear that Snowflake is doing well and hopefully she's seen off whatever made her poorly. Happy muggings tonight all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. What a lovely sunny day it has been, we took our Daisy to see the ducks and koi carp in Upchurch, that would have definitely been out of bounds for you, lovely it was, as was lunch at the Golf Club. What fun and games at the vets, getting her own back on the vet but she must like Snowflake or is very brave wanting to see her again on Saturday. The little frogs seemed to have hatched out while you weren't watching so now you must wait for them to be proper little frogs al hopping around the garden! The sunshine must bring out all the sniffs, I have heard that Friday is going to be really hot so you must take your sun cream and tune your noses for the super sniffs. The hawthorn is looking very good shame the little butterfly had been in a fight but maybe he won the match. Have a super Thursday and give TM an extra cuddle so she gets better quicker, we all miss her. xxxx