Thursday, 9 April 2015

We iz Famous!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Finally, at Last, And About Time, Old Two Legs has taken a breather from his 'Day Job' so he can take some picture of our Decoupage Present from Auntie Marianne, (Lucy's Mum!)

And Don't It Look Brilliant!

He used his 'Posh' camera with a 24mm Perspective Lens (Tilt/Shift) and some off camera flash lights like wot he normally uses for insects and butterfly photos. Oh yes, he also tried the Polariser Filter but that didn't make too much difference!

Enough of that rubbish, just take a look at work and skill that went into making it!

Five layers, cut out by hand, even along each hair on our heads and around OTL's baggy shorts!

If there was one thing that is ever so slightly wrong.................OTL's got too much hair!

OK, just wrap your eyeballs around these!

The Famous Three!
 Then OTL Zoomed in and did this one, so you can see the detail.

Just get those baggy socks!
 OTL says that he is dead impressed that Marianne even got the colour of his boot right!

We are going up on the wall today!
We were looking forward to a sun shining day today but the sea mist has crept in and it hasn't changed all day!

This is what it was like this morning......

Not Much To See!
 ........................................................................... and this is what it was like this afternoon!

Not Much Better!
Mind you, this morning the ferrets were asking if you could get lost in the mist and I said that ferrets could get lost going for a wee!

Lost in the Mist!
Mr Brambles offered to bite my leg but Snowflake said 'No Dear, we'll just get a Worming Tablet and mix it with their food tonight!'

Don't worry Dear, I have an idea!
Lunchtime was a scream, you see, first of all we came across a Two Legs who was throwing his legs in the air!

I mean, we have seen some Bozo Woofers in our time but a Bozo TL upside down, I mean, potty or wot!

You see some strange sights!
And talking of Bozo's, we came across that Doodle Bozo who thinks OTL is wonderful and he doesn't like our ferrets 'cos Snowflake gave him a nip!

Ferrets at home? Good!
 Holly said she is going to practise standing on her front paws but I pointed out that she already does it when she has a Grumbly Tum and OTL does 'Kit Inspection' before she is allowed in the car or on the sofa!

I can stand on my front paws if I wanted to!
 So, tomorrow we are expecting some sunshine, claws crossed and OTL is off to hang up Marianne's
prezzie to us woofers!

See you again!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well done with the picture, it was worth waiting for and will look a treat on the wall, how wonderful. Our weather was the same but the afternoon was lovely and our Daisy enjoyed herself at the New Swings, lots of little TL's there. Then she went out for a walk with Granddad and went to the Helicopter Park and wore herself out so she is a bit like you and Holly except she doesn't have ferrets for company. Nice bunch of photos today, the Doodle Dog looks like an overgrow teddy bear and the upside down TL, that was a surprise. Hope you get a good selection in your muggings tonight, don't forget tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far so keep cool. xxxx

  2. It's lovely to see the picture on your blog, it is so like OTL, you and Holly. Marianne is very clever to have made it. Glad it's going up on the wall. It was very misty here first thing but cleared. What on earth was that TL doing upside down? I bet that doodle dog doesn't want another nip on his nose. Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles look like they were having fun on the beach this morning, it's good to see her better. Happy muggings tonight and have a lovely evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  3. Wow....just spied this and I am so pleased that my gift seems to have gone down a treat and is now adorning your wall for you to admire yourselves whilst mugging OTL for his dinner and biscuits..... Making this picture gave me great pleasure as it made me smile all during me creating it.... I just love reading what you have been up to on your adventures with OTL during your wonderful walks...... It's just a shame I didn't get it quite right with regards to OTL extra few strands of hair..... must go now as it's work for me in a few hours. Lots of love to you all and by the way I'm so pleased Miss Snowflake seems to have made a full recovery and is well enough to join you on your walks xxx