Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dog Scarry Ferrets on The Rampage!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Have we had some fun today!

As you may know, we have landed on the caravan site at Cirencester and it is full, I mean, loaded up to the tree tops. Everyone taking advantage of the Bank Holiday Weekend and the weather. Loads of little Two Legs running around making more mayhem and noise than normal and loads of woofers making use of the excellent 'Doggy Walking Area!

We all run around chasing balls and each other while our Two Legs chase after us with Poo Bags!

Loads of Woofers!
Well, Old Two Legs has taken the ferrets and Holly and me out at the same time but hasn't felt like he is 'In Control', as if he ever is!

So, today he took Holly and I out first thing this morning. We had a good game with the other woofers and one big Red Setter nicked our ball!

Come on then, Chase Me!
 It took ages for his TL to get our ball off him 'cos he just kept running away, thinking it was such a good game!

Then we go back to the caravan to have breakfast and clean our teethe while OTL takes the ferrets out!

Holly loves cleaning her teeth!
Both ferrets were all excited about going into the Doggy Area and when they got there most of the woofers had left, except for a couple of little terrier types and this Bozo Brown Sheep Dog Type.

Now, this area is quite big and there's plenty of room for everyone but this Bozo seemed to think that although he was on the other side of the field, for some reason, the ferrets posed some sort of threat to him!

As he was off his lead, OTL kept a close eye on him but he didn't come over to our side, he kept on his side and woofed his head off at the ferrets!

Every time his TL tried to put him on the lead, he would run away a bit and carry on woofing!

And Woofing, and Woofing and woofing!

OTL got a bit fed up and picked up the ferrets and walked over to the Bozo's side of the field, just to show him that ferrets are small and cuddly!

It didn't work!

He woofed even more and ran a few steps further away!

OTL said he was a wimp being scared of two cuddly ferrets but at that, the TL got upset at OTL calling his woofer a wimp!

As OTL says, 'At least I have control over my animals, unlike you!'

Banned to a lead for the rest of the holiday!
Mind you, Snowflake said that she had 'Sorted out' bigger woofers than him!

Then the pair went for a jog around the field 'Shadow Boxing' and practising their 'Ferret Growls'!

This afternoon we went back for another run around and to be honest, the ball thing was OK for a few minutes but it was a bit warm.

Throw the Woofin' Ball!
So after the first few throws Holly and I were more interested in the sniffs that the ball!

No, I've had enough of balls!
That means that if OTL wants to kick or throw the ball, he can go and fetch it himself!

So, that's about it for today, chase a ball, eat food, snooze while the F1 is on and woof at the dogs passing our caravan!

Life don't get much better!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely big area to run around in. There's always one woofer that will pinch yer ball. And as for that silly woofer barking at Mr Brambles and Snowflake, doesn't he know they're honorary woofers and famous as well! I can just imagine Snowflake and Brambles doing their shadow boxing. Look at Holly being a good girl and cleaning her teeth, I bet she doesn't need nagging. I hope it isn't so crowded there that it becomes a nuisance to you, I mean they're all bound to know by now that they're sharing with super stars. Hope OTL is feeling better. You need to send TM out to sort out noisy mini TL's and barking woofers. So has OTL managed to get a signal so that TM can watch the racing. Have a lovely evening all, plenty of muggings and snoozes. I've been playing football in the garden today with my mum, when I make her fetch the ball after she's kicked it, she gives up and goes indoors, no staying power some TL's. Looking forward to your adventures tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I was able to read some of your Diary while away but as Michael's meg allocation seemed to be eaten away quickly I could not stay on long enough to comment as well so I have come to days that I read. Where we were it was quiet because all the little TL's where being occupied in the big Rally Hall and we were amazed on the last evening at how many of them we had around us. Fancy the Red Setter nicking your ball, they aren't very clever because their brains are very small in their tiny heads so you have to make allowances for them, glorious colour though. xxxx