Friday, 8 May 2015

Getting ready for our Friends!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

It's the last day of working for Old Two Legs and he has been running around like a Blue Tailed Fly!

We went out for our morning stroll this morning and the tide was right out. That means the ferrets go for a good rummage around in the sea weed looking for monsters and the such!

This is getting squelchy!
Of course, Holly and I got a bit bored waiting for them to come off the beach and even Holly was thinking about having a snooze while she was waiting!

Oh! Come On!
Up on the grass path Holly was talking with Brambles about the different styles of dancing. Holly is into dancing and asked if Brambles knew any other types of dance.

'Of course'! he says, then launches himself into a 'Ferret Break Dance'!

Mr Brambles doing a Break Dance!
He was getting really steamed up, leaping about a spinning around on his back, and singing at the same time!

Then he started to 'Bang The Drums' with his front paws and making a drum sound with his mouth!

Well, we think it was his mouth!

Getting on Down!
Then, we heard a woof from back down the path and young Dave the Westie came running to catch us up!

Dave and us having a game!
We all had a good game of 'Chase the Woofer' until he was called away.

He told us of some sniffs down the path that we are going to save for Archie and Maizey when they get here tomorrow!

Holly is getting excited about meeting Archie Babe again and getting some pointers of hunting frogs, we still haven't seen a frog or a tadpole anywhere in the pond, just snails and diving beetles!

OTL has been out most of this afternoon but he came back and started to pack all our stuff ready for our holiday!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Yo Daisy, I'm so looking forward to catching up with you and Holly tomorrow, will be nice to meet Miss Maizey as well, did you tell her my surname is Maisey. Say thanks to Dave next time you see him for tipping you off about the best sniffs in the area. That Mr Brambles looks a cool dude with his break dancing, does he give lessons? My mum said how does Mr Brambles make bangs other than with his mouth? Hope the weather is good for us tomorrow. Well the good news is .............. I ain't had a bath .......... my mum overslept, I didn't wake her up at my normal brekkie time and she's had so much to do today there just isn't time so you girlies can have a good sniff of me and my Hertfordshire pongs tomorrow ......... now that's better than any aftershave isn't it. Now my mum says there might be some treats for you all if you don't let me near too many niffy pongs, but don't worry girlies, cos I'm taking charge of the treats bag so you don't have to worry about her pinching things. Hope OTL managed to get all his stuff in the caravan before your TM filled it up with all her crafting stash. Tell Holly hunting frogs is easier than hunting rabbits but you just have to be careful not to hurt them and be ready to jump with them. Have a good evening with plenty of muggings, I'm off for an early night tonight. Love, licks and wags from little (excited) Arch xxxx

  2. That Mr Brambles is certainly getting all groovy with his dancing and his drumming, does he think that next years Ferret Rescue Show will include an Entertainment Section? Great pictures of his antics. Have a really good time tomorrow with Archie and Maizie, show them around the town, even Mr B will know how to show them a good time. Sounds as though life is hotting up for you, just make sure the caravan has space for your beds, wondrous food and amazing treats before TM begins to fill it with a couple of inks, bits of card and the odd stamp, don't let her get carried away or she will think the holiday is for her benefit and not to bring you little ones a change of scenery. Don't do anything too naughty or if you do make it look as though it wasn't your fault or you may be home alone with the door key. Ssssshhhh, be careful. xxxx