Sunday, 17 May 2015

More Nelly Fish and Rock Climbing and then The National Trust!

Yacky Dar Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We were up a bit late this morning but we didn't worry too much, as it is Sunday. Down on the beach we spotted four more of those Gigantic Nelly Fish, parked up on the High Tide mark on the beach.

We reckon they must get lost during the night and get stranded on the beach, silly Nelly Fish!

Mr Brambles just loves the beach near us 'cos it is so sandy and he can dig to his little hearts content!

I just Love a good Sand Hole!
Of course, Miss Snowflake can't keep away from the rocks, she says that these are the best ones she has ever climbed and so much better that the one we have at home. In fact, she has asked Old Two Legs if we could take a section of the cliff face home with us.

I can just see it, a section of Welsh Cliff Face on top of the caravan roof and held down with rope and elastic bands!

I love this bit!
Before we came away on holiday, OTL trimmed both ferrets claws. Now Mr Brambles is OK with that 'cos he doesn't need claws to dig sand but Snowflake reckons she could do with her claws just a little longer so she can get a better grip on the rocks!

Holly and I have a little dig but don't really go in for the rock climbing bit, we would rather have a Rough and Tumble over a stick we found on the beach.

Brambles asked if he could join in the game as well!

You can play if you want but it's gonna get rough!
 And so it did!

Snowflake was almost at the top of the ledge and had got to the end of her rope, so, OTL had to pick her off the rock face, tell her she was a clever little ferret and put her at the bottom of the next rock wall!

Nearly there and when I get there, where next?
When we got back to the caravan we suggested a drive out would be fun, but not go too far! Off we went and ended up at Stackpole Quay which is a National Trust place where they charge you a fortune to park the car!

Well, it must be a fortune 'cos OTL was crying when he handed over the money!

First we went down to see the quay, which is a place where boats can moor and off load stuff. I suppose it is interesting to those who have an interest in what boats do but to be honest, for woofers like us it was sooner left the better!

That was until we saw a couple of Two Legs emerge from under the water, all dressed up in rubber suits!

OTL said they were Scuba Divers or Frogmen. Now that seemed a bit odd 'cos neither of them did any croaking like wot frogs normally do, except the ones we got at home that don't croak or even let themselves be seen in or out of the pond!

No Croaks here!
 We left them to do wot they were doing and headed off to explore.

The path didn't look long when we looked at the map but by the time we got to the Eight Arch Bridge, TM was making 'Complaining Noises', like 'are we there yet?'

OTL thought it was a pretty bridge and was hoping the wind would drop so he could get a good picture of the arches and their reflection in the pond, but the wind didn't drop, so OTL didn't!

All eight arches, wind and all!
 We came across a path of flowers that seemed to flow through the trees. TM brightens up and says they are Wild Garlic.

OTL asks if she is 'Sure'?

She says 'Yes'

After a while, TM agrees that she 'Thinks' they are Wild Garlic, but she is not 100% sure and she will check when she finds a book on wild flowers.

Which she won't 'cos she will forget and hope OTL and us forget as well!

Well, they are Wild, but Wild Wot?
 We walked all the way to a 'Viewing Spot' high on a hill and stopped to have a look but as Holly says, 'Yes, very impressive, but Wot Next?'

Wot Next?
 Wot next was the long walk back! OTL reckons we walked at least two miles in total and I must admit, I was pleased to get back to the car for a drink and a snooze on our way back to the caravan!

So was Holly and TM as well!

OTL is off tomorrow to Skomer Island to see if he can photograph Puffins, those birds with colourful beaks!

That means we will be in charge of TM while he's away, let's hope she behaves herself!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad you managed a well earned lay in this morning after your busy day yesterday. I don't like the sound of those nelly fish, don't let them hurt you. Look at Mr Brambles go in that sand and Miss Snowflake will be tackling mountains next. How about catching one of those frogmen and taking it home to put in your pond, you could teach him to croak if he doesn't know how. Might be easier to get home that a piece of cliff for Miss Snowflake to play on. Your walk looked very interesting even if it was a tad long. The pictures are all lovely today. Shame OTL didn't manage a picture of TM on the walk though. I hope OTL enjoys his day tomorrow with the puffins. You might need to keep a firm paw with that TM tomorrow, my mum says she's never known your TM to behave yet. Hope you all got some really good scoff for dinner today to keep your strength up for looking after TM tomorrow. Me and my mum have been playing football in the garden today, I won. Have a lovely evening all, plenty of snackettes and snoozes. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to and discover tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Well here I am in the land of the Baird, glad you are having a fantastic time, what great pictures and you all enjoying yourselves, maybe a little picture of TM tomorrow, after all we have scuba divers, maybe she could get herself a suit if she is bashful. Enjoy Monday, keep digging, xxxx

  3. Well another wonderful diary page today girls, so many wonderful photos to look at you are certainly getting around and seeing the countryside. I am writing this on Monday and your Missus has already said on FaceAche that OTL has had to cancel his trip to see the Puffins because of the rain .. hope he gets a chance to see them a bit later in the trip. How lucky are we in Wales it sounds as if Sue Goodes has arrived here as well ... think she said she was coming to Anglesey which is very near where we live. So she will have to watch out for the Yakki Dars too they are everywhere up here. Hope the weathe improves for all of you ... everything looks better when the sun is shining on it xxxx Jasper and Annie