Saturday, 2 May 2015

Saturday and He is Still Working!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

I thought that this weekend was a Bank Holiday Weekend, you know, sit down, have a snooze, paws up and loads of nibbles!

Not as far as Old Two Legs is concerned!

He has been 'Manufacturing' and then pounding away on the computer doing some sort of list for one his customers.

Next thing we knew, we was off to pick up the caravan from the people who service it for us!

Now, that was fun 'cos we stayed in the big car while OTL went in and paid for the service, got a couple of new bottles of gas and a spanner to connect the pipes to the bottle!

That was loads of fun 'cos we were woofing at the people who were wandering about looking at the new caravans and then we were woofing at the Caravan Engineers who were wandering about doing things to the caravans!

It was good to drive back home with the caravan on the back of the car, it sort of felt like we were almost on holiday!

Still, only a week or so and then we're off for real!

We saw Bailey this morning and he said he wished he could go on holiday but it's an effort getting around the beach with his arthritis!

Yep! Off Home Now, but Slowly!
 Down on the beach Snowflake was having fun trying to get back into the ferret bag and having seen Holly do it, she did what she called the Ferret Commando Creep!

Commando Creep!
 Then she made a rush for the bag but OTL spotted her and she ended up on the beach again!

Curses! I've been spotted!
 Mr Brambles was having fun running along the Sea Wall and a couple of times he went right up the wall and rolled over!

It's The Wall of Death Run!
 The grass path was full of sniffs and because they didn't come out yesterday, they were catching up on the sniffs, ours as well!

Not Bad, Not Bad at all!
 Back home it was all rush and tear around and then down to the caravan and back again.

During the lunchtime walk Holly discovered a Whelk that had obviously lost it's way!

Oi! The sea is that way!
 Mind you, there was nothing inside the shell so we reckon that the Whelk has gone on holiday!

Although the tide was in, it was too cold for a swim so all we did was to look at the sea splashing onto the shore!

Splashy Splashy!
We were waiting at home, up at the bedroom window, waiting for The Missus to come back from her Master Class.

After a good 'Welcome Back' we settled down to some serious mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I don't know, your days just get better and better. How exciting to be in the car and watching all those people around in the caravan place, bet you stuck your tongues out at some of them. Miss Snowflake looks like she's been in training with the marines with her commando crawl. Glad Miss S and Mr B enjoyed their morning run today after missing out yesterday. That sea looks a bit rough, good job you decided not to have a swim this morning. Poor OTL, I expect he's trying to get all his work finished before you go on holiday. Hope TM enjoyed her master class today, my mum is coming down next week and she say's if I'm a good boy I can come too and visit you all. Enjoy your muggings tonight. Love, licks and wags from little (trying very hard to be good) Arch xxxx

  2. I hope all those flotsam and jetsam visitors have gone to another beach now, a visiting whelk shell is acceptable though. Lovely today being out with OTL and his camera again and the little ones could catch up on all those sniffs. So you have had a practice of "going on holiday", how fun to see all the people being busy while you looked on. I think Bailey would make a good sheep, lovely cosy sheep wool coat just the thing for a chilly day and then OTL working and computering and TM Master Classing what a full up day you have had. We went to the tip, great fun, loads of people and then tonight watched men hitting little coloured balls around a table with pockets, it didn't finish until 10-30 pm (an hour late) because they took so long and were so slow finishing the game. Now I am here at 11-30 pm catching up on all my messages and your daily story which I can't miss. Have a good Sunday, we may go to the seaside. xxxx