Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Two Surprises, Too Hot and Too Busy and Trev!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, Old Two Legs has been working hard today, paperwork and post, mostly invoices but there was one envelope that had him all smiles and 'Look at This Everyone'!

Now that sort of reaction is normally reserved for when he gets a cheque in the post but today it was a Puffin Tag!

The Lovely Zoe, (one of the Glue & Glitter Girls) has been reading about OTL's disastrous attempts to photograph Puffins while he was on holiday and to make up for his failure, she has kindly made him a Puffin Tag!

How absolutely lovely, thank you Zoe! 

We have been down the beach this morning to catch up on the sniffs, loads of new ones, and, we found this brilliant sniff that both Holly and I rolled in for ages!

It got us a 'big wash' when we got home, but it was worth it!

On The Beach Mr Brambles was tempted to go in for a swim but in the end he just had a sniff!

It's water but not as clean as when we were on holiday!
Miss Snowflake thought she had found a Nelly Fish on our beach but it was just a plastic bottle that some Two Legs had left there instead of putting it in the rubbish bin!

No, it's not a Nelly Fish!
Holly was all over the place looking for every sniff she could find, unlike me. I decided to enjoy each one and save some for tomorrow as well!

Ole Greedy Guts just sniffed everything she could find!

I've got loads of sniffs already!
We met up with a few of the lads and exchanged stories about our holiday and the location of recent sniffs!

Then we headed off for home again.

Holidays are OK Sis but, I'm glad to be home again!
Back home the plants in the garden have been growing at a tremendous rate while we have been away and it looks like jungle in the garden!

OTL topped the pond up with water and was doing his 'Studying' of the inhabitants of the pond. 'Here' he says, 'There's a Big Fat Tadpole Here!' but by the time we got there it had swum into the weed.

Well! we didn't expect that 'cos we hadn't seen any signs of tadpoles and on top of that Archie Babe had done a 'Frog Search' when he was here last and even he couldn't find any signs and he is an Expert!

We told The Missus who says that she is going to call him Trev!

Why Trev? I mean, I'm sure we could have thought up some thing with a more Amphibian sound like Joe Croaker or Kermit or even Prince (Gissa Kiss) Charming! But Trev??????????

So now we will be looking out for any more signs, OTL says that the tadpole he saw was almost all head and just a little wiggly tail, so it won't be too long before he grows his legs, then we will have some fun!

You know, it has been rather hot today, when we go away on holiday, it is always hotter and sunnier at home than where we go on holiday. It's a good job we are not worried about getting a sun tan, well, except Holly Dog who is always after 'Catching Some Rays'!

Another thing OTL has been surprised with is this:-

Story Book?

We have no idea how it was set up or who did it or if it comes F.O.C. 'cos he has loads of photos in the blog!

We don't know if you can 'Subscribe' to it or 'Follow' it or wot!

If anyone knows, please tell OTL!

So, that's it for today.

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a busy day for your first whole day back. I'm glad OTL got something nice in the post today. It's good to hear that you had plenty of sniffs to come home to. I bet you all enjoyed them, I found quite a good rolly sniff this morning. It was good that you met up with some of the lads I expect they really enjoyed hearing about your holiday adventures. Probably a good thing that Snowflake didn't find a nelly fish on the beach, my mum reckons they're not very nice cos they sting you. Loved all the pictures of you enjoying being back on your own beach. Now last night I went on a frog hunt in my garden and I found you a nice big frog but he squeaked on me and my mum found me trying to bring him in so that I could send him down to you. Anyway, my mum told me off and brought me in, I'll try again when my mum ain't looking, don't worry I will find you a big fat one. Trev won't really grow bigger than a finger nail this year, they do grow quite slowly, my big ones are a few years old. At least though you have got Trev and somewhere in that weed is the rest of his family. Have a lovely evening with plenty of muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Hi Daisy. Izzy here. I'm a little white & gold Yorkie that lives with my doggie best friend, Hamish (he's a 'normal' Yorkie) a cat called Molly and our Two Legs called Jeanette & Neil. We love to read all about your adventures. We go on holiday in a caravan too. Our TL's bought it especially so we could holiday together. My mum wanted me to let you know about your "story book". She gets these all the time because she has a google account. All her photos automatically get sent to a google cloud which turns them into a storybook. I thought the photos might get soggy if it was a rain cloud but mum says it's a virtual cloud so it's not real and only in cyber space. That made me think of that scary Dr Who programme with CyberMen so I hid behind the sofa. Mum says that if you have the "GPS" switched on, it will put the location and maps with arrows in the story book too so it's like a journey. You can make your storybook public and share it with people in your Google Circle ..this made me think of lots of Two legs with googly eyes standing in a circle...very bizarre what they get up to! Anyway hope this helps OTL. Looking forward to reading about more of your great sniffs (we get lots of sheepy sniffs up here) best wishes, Izzy & Hamish xx

  3. How lovely to receive a Puffin tag, I bit OTL was really chuffed those crafty ladies are so kind, after his disappointment. We saw a puffin near its nest via CCTV at the South Stack Nature Reserve, near Holyhead, the man was telling us how they thought they had their camera beamed onto a nest when it walked into view, went away and then came back. I even managed to get a photo which wasn't very good but you can see it is a puffin. xxxx