Friday, 29 May 2015

We got a Weather Warning!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

First of all, a big thanks to Izzy and Hamish for explaining all about the Google Cloudy Photo Book Thingy!

We have tried to explain it to Old Two Legs but he just doesn't get it, he thinks we have been playing with his computer while he's not looking!




We were down on the beach this morning just before high tide and the water was still beyond the rocks, so Mr Brambles couldn't go for a swim and neither could I!

Not deep enough to get a claw wet!
Not that it stopped Miss Snowflake from having a good sniff around the rocks!

I do love a salty sniff!
Mr Brambles, on the other paw, was a lazy ferret this morning. He got out of his bag on the way down to the beach, had a wee, then got back in!

When OTL tried to get him out of the bag on the beach, all he would say was 'Jus' five minutes more'!

Mr Snoozy or Wot!
Once we got off the beach Mr Brambles was out of the bag and ferreting around everywhere. OTL said that Brambles 'Had the Pickle In Him' this morning 'cos he was jumping about and chasing Snowflake and then chased Holly and me!

Then he hid in the grass and tried to do a Commando Crawl to sneak up on Holly while she was having a sniff!

Brambles On A Mission!
Of course Holly saw him creeping up and just trotted of saying that he 'Had to be a lot quieter to catch her out'!

Back home OTL has been working hard on getting everything cleared up before the weekend and you know what? We went out for our lunchtime walk a little earlier than normal 'cos OTL was watching the Weather Radar and spotted a load of rain heading our way!

There was even a 'Weather Warning' from the MET Office! The web site said  YELLOW Warnings in force for Medway   They reckon there would be some heavy rain and strong winds as well as a 'Cold Front' passing quickly through our area!

So, out we went but OTL took our rain coats, just in case!

Down on the beach there were a couple of fishermen who had 'Caught Nothing' when OTL asked them 'How are you doing?'

So they were not going to have fish and chips tonight!

Mind you, Holly and I have been promised Lambs Heart tonight, freshly cooked and biscuits soaked in gravy!

Mmmmmm! Yum, Yum, Yum!
We got back before the rain started, so Holly and I remained all warm and dry!

Tomorrow The Missus is off up the Village Hall for a 'Craft a Thong Thingy', there are loads of the 'Glue & Glitter Gang' going to spend the weekend making cards and donating profits to charity.

Sounds like a load of fun, all us Woofers plan to call in and say 'Hello' to them all.

Mr Brambles and Snowflake say they will be on their best behaviour as well!

We might even see you up there!

All visitors welcome!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well you lot of furry friends have had a much nicer day than me. Seems you all had some good fun down on the beach this morning with plenty of sniffs and games. I'm glad OTL kept an eye on the weather and you didn't get wet. Poor fishermen, no nice supper. Enjoy your lambs heart, biscuits and gravy. Watch out if you go to that craft a thong tomorrow, those ladies will be flinging glitter everywhere. I'm a bit of a sad chap today. I went on my puppy patrol round the garden this morning and I found ..........THE SNIFF of sniffs, THE SNIFF that wouldn't let you go until you had a really good, thorough roll. I was over the moon. I covered myself in it ....... ummm but it left a big black stripe from my chin to my butt. My boy said I stunk and he hurried off to work. My mum shut me in the kitchen and tried to wash it off ............ but ........ it was THE SNIFF. My mum cut my hair and then she plonked me in the bath and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. My mum nearly drowned me, she put so much water on me. Anyways, the sniff is not quite as noticeable now and my fur looks a lot cleaner, but I'm not a happy pup. Have a good evening and enjoy the craft a thong tomorrow. Love and licks, my wag got washed away, little (still a bit damp) Arch xxxx

  2. That is terrible, you get a good dollop of fox poo to show off to the world and you get scrubbed clean and bald!

    That's the trouble with these Two Legs, no sense of occasion!

  3. Oh Daisy, I almost fell over with shock when I saw our names on your blog tonight. What a shock. Hamish was very excited. Mr Brambles was being a pickle today wasn't he? I'm glad you all survived the weather warning and got to enjoy the sniffs. Poor Hamush got a bit carried away with some very tasty green sheep sniffs yesterday and suffered from a bad grumbly tum today. Mum said that she'd never seen bright green poo before and that she'd make Hamish a white wooly jumper and put him in the field with the lambs if he did it again!
    OTL said on FaceAche that you still can't find Trevor. I hope that he hasn't hopped off when your back was turned.
    Take care with all those Glue & Glitter ladies tomorrow xx

  4. Ah poor Mr Snoozy, he did get out later rather than sooner but he did look comfortable all snuggled up. Hope the fishermen don't have your address or they might come round to share your lambs heart. Archie sounds in a bad way, how was he to know that it wouldn't come off easily, you must find out what sort of stuff it was and then avoid it in future. xxxx