Friday, 5 June 2015

A Busy Friday, for Some!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

And didn't it rain this morning! There was Thunder & Lightening and heavy rain and then Hail Stones that covered the whole garden with Lumpy Snow!

Holly decided to get up on the bed and have a cuddle with Old Two Legs until it all went away!

She wasn't shaking' like she does with the Whizz Bangs, but she was certainly 'Uncomfortable'!

By the time we were ready to go out it had all stopped and there was just the odd drops of rain!

Holly said that the clouds looked 'Menacing' and she just didn't like them! 

More Rain? More Thunder?
Holly decided that she didn't want to have a game on the beach and instead she lay down and said she was 'Watching The Storm'!

I don't like it and it looks very scary!
Mind you, the storm was over Essex and not returning to us but that didn't reassure Holly who said that it could come back if the wind changed!

More Storm Clouds!
We headed back to the car but the ferrets had a game in the wet grass and ended up all Wet & Soggy by the time they got into their cage!

We all had a good snooze while OTL was working but then he announced that he had to 'Go Out' to see one of his customers, so The Missus was charged with the responsibility of walking Holly and I.

What fun!

First we ran all the way down to the beach and managed to find a stick that was in desperate need of 'Rescuing'!

So, I rescued it!

Then I rescued it again, and again and again!

It was a great walk, I got Soggy and Holly had fun seeking out the sniffs!

OTL didn't get back until later, so he missed out on my Stick Rescue!

So, here we are looking forward to the weekend, TM is off to her Master Class and OTL has got an appointment with a rampant rose tree that has thrown out loads of suckers!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well Daisy, what can I say about all that bad weather .............. me and my mum missed it, we didn't hear one bit of thunder, we didn't see one drop of rain or one bit of hail. My mum had a bit of grumbly tum so we snoozed until lunch time, must have been something she sniffed on our walk yesterday evening I reckon. By the time we had our first walk today the sun was beaming away and it was lovely and warm. Poor Holly, still at least she had OTL to cuddle her and protect her, she does look bothered in that picture of her lying down. The pictures are brilliant but the would have been better if the sun was shinning. Still it sounds like the ferrets and you had fun on your early walk. How did OTL manage to get out without you? Did TM help you rescue the stick? Did Holly find that sniff that you were telling about yesterday, you know the really rollable one? Hope that TM enjoys her workshop tomorrow. I wonder what Trev and his mates thought of the storms ........ maybe they hid under the leaves again. Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow, I'm off in a minute for my walk to meet my boy from work. Enjoy all your pre bed snoozes and muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. We had a lovely hail storm but by the time I looked out the window the white stuff had gone. It was beautiful until we were past Faversham then wow, it changed, when we reached our friends they had been soaked by a sudden downpour. The weather hasn't been very brilliant since but it might change. Glad you found a stick, lucky that you rescued it, be good for OTL tomorrow. xxxx