Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Deep in The Forest!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Bro Brambles here!

Wot a Hot Day Today?

Last night it was a bit muggy and they are promising even more heat before the end of the week!

The ferrets were straight into the Sea Weed and paddling in the rock pools.

That was until Snowflake thought she spotted a crab!

I saw something move under that rock!
 Both ferrets got out of the rock pool and sat on top of the rocks!

Holly and I were on the beach waiting for them to start heading for home. That's the trouble with ferrets, no matter which way you want to go, they always want to go the other way!

I've told them to get a move on, you try to get them out!
It was like that all the way back to the car. Holly and I went on ahead while Old Two Legs had to stay with the ferrets while they sniffed every sniff and rolled in every ferret sniff all the way back to the car park!

If you don't hurry up we'll leave you here!
 Of course we wouldn't but they do take their time about getting to the car!

Lunchtime OTL had to go to the carriers, so that means we get to go to The Forest again!

Just foe fun, OTL brought the colour camera and a flashlight. Normally his camera doesn't have a flash light built into the camera, so he has to select one, depending on what he wants to do with it.

Today he wanted to play with 'Fill In Flash'!


So, there he was, under the tree branches, clicking away at the shadowy bits!

When you catch the light at the right angle the trees can look very wrinkly!

A Wrinkly Trunk!
This one is my favourite, there is a funny chris-cross pattern on the trunk, it almost looks like it has been knitted!

Knit a Tree?
It was rather hot all the way around and Holly sat down a couple of times and said that she was going to have a breather! I was on the lookout for squirrels but Holly said there was no way she was chasing anything today!

Chase a Squirrel? You must be joking!
 I will admit, I was looking forward to having a drink when we got back to the car!

Nearly There!
So, tonight we are looking forward to a rest on the sofa and OTL has promised a nibble of shortbread, just a nibble 'cos he says that we must not be greedy!

Us? Greedy? Never!

See you tomorrow Woofers and don't forget to make sure you got enough water in this warm weather!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Bro Brambles!


  1. It was hot today. Glad to hear the ferrets enjoyed their paddle in the seaweed and rock pools this morning. I don't blame you for wanting to get back to the car quickly. I expect it was much cooler in the forest than on the beach, but still too hot for chasing pesky squirrels. Me and my mum were out walking the streets at 5 this morning, then we went for another short walk at 10, we've stayed indoors until now so that we don't get too hot. I've been snoozing a lot with the heat. Now I've woken up as it's a bit cooler and what did I spy ......... some red raspberries ............ well they gone and very nice they were too, even if they were a bit small. Enjoy your mugging later and I'll keep my eye on the raspberries. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. The ferrets had the right idea with a swim in the rock pools, you never said if it was a crab they spied! I expect the rabbits and squirrels found it too hot to venture out as they would not have had the energy to run if they saw any woofers. The knitted tree was really nice, well done to OTL for taking his camera and fill in flash with him, seems that the heat suited him today, I hope he remembers the shortbread tonight. I have been half watching the tennis and had to send Michael away because Andy Murray started to loose when he sat down to watch. A close thing, his winning, I know TM was rooting for him and I was also pleased that Roger won through. Keep cool tomorrow perhaps another trip to the Forest then OTL can find some more lovely tree trunks. xxxx