Monday, 8 June 2015

Goats Beard in Our Garden!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Another sunny day here is North Kent. The alarm clock went off early this morning, The Missus had a dream about a design for something or other and just couldn't sleep, so up she gets and of course, wakes everyone else up in the process!

That of course means we were down on the beach a little earlier than normal!

The early bird looking for breakfast!
Mr Brambles was out of the ferret bag for an 'Early Morning Wee' but Snowflake decided to stay in the bag for a little while longer!

Just a five minute snooze thanks!
Mind you, when we got to the beach she was out and chasing Brambles all over the place!

Come on, Shift Yer Tail Lad!
Back home we were served up chicken but to be honest, it was just too warm for eating!

Now, a couple of years ago, after digging out the pond, Old Two Legs decided that we should have a 'Wild Life Garden' right up the back of the garden, in the sunlight and his idea was to put a log or two there, drilled with holes for the bugs and bees to live in. Then he got a few packets of 'Wild Flower Seeds' from a stallholder who was trying to get him to sign up to a 'Funeral Plan'. OTL said that if he got a shovel from Amazon and TM was still around, she could bury him in the Wild Life Garden and save a fortune!

TM didn't seem to think it was a good idea!

Any way, as well as the packets of seeds he collected some seeds from the wild 'Goats Beard' flowers down on The Sea Wall, and, at the correct time scattered them over the Wild Life Garden with the instructions to 'Get on with it'!

Last year there was nothing but weeds and poppies that came up but he left it and didn't even cut down the foliage as he was supposed to do.

This year, he was pulling some of the weeds out that had crept over the rocks which mark the border between 'Wild' and 'Planted', when he spotted four flower buds and guess what?

They are Goats Beard!

A bit small but they are Goats Beard!
So, not only have we got to keep an eye open for Trevor and his mates but now we have got to keep an eye on the Goats!

You know, Holly and I have been helping with the Wild Life Garden and every night we both got there for a wee before going to bed!

Holly reckons her wee has helped the Goats Beard 'cos that is growing just where she likes to wee!

I reckon that if that is true, then the whole garden should be a jungle by now!

Then we spotted some water coming out of the pond!

Tadpoles doing a Wee?
Lunchtime we headed off to do some deliveries and ended up at the Riverside Park!

Any moment now and we'll be off!
Holly and I had a great time sniffing the sniffs and when we got to the far end, we had a super game of 'Chase' and managed to scare a couple of pigeons out of the bushes with our woofing!

A Woofing Good Game!
OTL was all upset 'cos he didn't bring his Yellow Filter and there were some dramatic clouds over the Power Station!

Where's a Yellow Filter when you need one!
Back home for a snooze before dinner, we may be feasting on the chicken, unless OTL has got something tasty in his bowl!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Daisy, you've got to get hold of the alarm clock and take it into the garden and bury it ....... see what grows. Can't that TM of yours creep around so that she doesn't disturb the whole house. At least you all had fun on the beach, did you get there before the foreigners cooking breakfast? How nice to go home to a bowl of warm chicken. Well done to OTL for getting a goats beard to grow, no I reckon, it's my wee that made it grow this year. Them tadpoles are clever if that's them weeing in the pond. Looks like you and Holly had a really good game down at Riverside Park, did you get any muggings from any of the TL's there? I mugged my friend Brenda at the sweet shop today, my mum was reading the cards in the window and I got fed up so I put my head in the door, there was Brenda filling a sweetie bottle with white chocolate buttons and you know what? before my mum saw, Brenda gave me 2. My mum spotted us when I was smacking my lips and asking Brenda for more. My mum says it's a short lead for me next time we're near the sweet shop. Anyways I'm off now for my post dinner snooze. Enjoy your snoozes and I hope you manage to mug something tasty off of OTL. Have a lovely evening all and don't forget to bury that alarm clock at the bottom of your garden. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. That alarm clock needs a new life, it must need a holiday with someone who appreciates what a good sleep is. Down on the beach before the worms turn and no yellow filter, he needs a man bag to keep all his important little things in. Snowflake looks so sweet in her cosy bag and she has such fun with Mr Brambles, they struck gold when they found your home. Are there three Goats Beards, that's not right you only do things in twos! Chicken today and now you are complaining that it is too hot to eat it, TM can't win even when she tries so hard to please, poor TM. Hope she has managed some more masterpieces today after her bad day the other day. Hope you managed to stay warm in the nights because it is supposed to be cold, try to nudge up to OTL a bit more but be careful not to push him out, you know had he bruises and we can have him sneezing and freezing all at the same time. xxxx