Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The sun has gone but the Puffins have arrived!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What happened to the sun? It was here yesterday but this morning it was all cloud!

Of course, guess who forgot the Yellow Filter!

No Sun but the clouds are OK!
Snowflake didn't mind the wind 'cos she dived out of the ferret bag, shot across the sea weed and headed for her own Private Loo that she says gets flushed clean twice a day. Holly says that it's called 'The Tide' but Snowflake thinks it's her own personal flush system!

Snowflakes Private Loo!
Along the Grass Path we met up with a load of woofers, there was Max and Oscar, then Young Bryn poked his nose in and there was Zak as well. We don't often see Zak so it's always good to meet up with him.

There was a new tail there, a Woofer called Holly!

Look, it's another Holly!
 This Holly belonged to the sister of Bryn's owner and was down for a few days visit.

They had all been out for a run together and Zak had even shared his ball with them all!

Zak and Oscar!
Back home we investigated the food bowls and guess what? Doggy Scoff! Yuk!

While Holly and I were wondering what we could eat today, The Missus called out to Old Two Legs that she had forwarded an email onto him from Christina who is out on the Outer Hebrides photographing Puffins!

Oh Dear! I'll bet that next she will say she has got out to St Kilda to photograph the St Kilda Four-horned Soay Sheep, St Kilda Wren and St Kilda Mouse!

No, we haven't seen OTL at all!
Now you remember he didn't get out to Skomer 'cos the waves were too high? What did he get as a consolation prize?

Zoe sent him a Tag with a Puffin on it!

Now he has Christina showing off her excellent photos of.........Puffins!

OTL? Last seen in West Wales in a storm!
 Wot a Showoff!

This is too much for OTL to bear!

So, it was a sad OTL who headed out at lunchtime looking for Puffins along The Sea Wall, and, as you would expect, there were none there!

All was not lost! There, on the ground, looking not too happy with itself was this caterpillar.

So, out comes the camera and 'click. click' and next stop the 'Insect Books' and guess wot?  Yep, he couldn't find it at all!

Wot is it Precious?
This thing was about 60mm long and about 12mm diameter. OTL picked it up with a bit of stick and put it under the plants by the side of the path, out of harms way!

Then he sent off an email and picture to http://www.ukbutterflies.co.uk and now we wait for a reply!

It was still very windy down on the sea front and you can see the waves being whipped up over in Sheerness!

Wind and Waves!
Well, how's this for speed?

UK Butterflies have just replied to our email!

The answer to our question is,  a Drinker moth larva! The Drinker Moth so called 'cos the larva which is supposed to have a liking for drops of dew!

OTL says he like Mountain Dew but we don't think it is the same thing!

Now we have had a look at the pictures and it certainly is not one we have seen before, now that is another one that we need to add to the list of ticks!

Off for a little snooze before mugging time!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Isn't technology wonderful, you see something, send off a picture and back comes the answer, now I have seen the Drinker Moth larva as well. I don't like creepy crawlies myself but like to hear about what OTL finds, it is very interesting with all the strange names.
    So where is OTL's little man bag to keep his yellow filter in??? He only seems to remember it when he doesn't need it, flash gun (it's at home), red filter, yellow filter, blue filter, sandwiches, all left at home with that doggie scoff! Very windy here as well but I was glad to see all your doggie friends out on the beach, six weeks time, or there abouts and all the little TL's will be there, don't say I didn't warn you.
    The puffins are lovely and well done to the photographer, so sad that OTL didn't get to see them, we saw one from the South Stack Lighthouse cctv camera beamed onto the rocks below us and I took a picture, there was also a plastic one standing outside the door but I don't suppose you think that counts. They are such comical birds and I was pleased to see them in your Diary even if OTL didn't manage to take the pictures. Stay warm, xxxx

  2. There was a bit of a cold breeze here today, hope it was warmer where you are. We've had quite a lot of sun. Was nice that you met up with all your mates on the beach this morning, I've met a few mates today mostly TL mates though, I don't mind cos they give me good cuddles. My mum says she wishes we had 2 tides a day to wash away all the wees and poos. I'm a bit like Snowflake, I like a bit of privacy. What a sweet little Holly woofer. Those pictures of the puffins were good, poor OTL, I'm sorry he didn't get to see them when you were on holiday. What a hairy creepy crawlie ....... I'm not too keen on creepy crawlies, anything with more legs than me is something I stay away from. Perhaps OTL was a drinker moth in another life, I think maybe the mountain dew he likes is a bit different. Sorry to hear about the doggie scoff today, you girls do suffer. Lovely pictures today even if OTL did forget his spare lenses. I see your TM has been busy creating masterpieces today, my mum wishses she was a little bit as good as your TM. Enjoy your pre mug snoozes, hope the weather is a bit warmer tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx