Sunday, 28 June 2015


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

After yesterdays sunshine we thought that today would be more sunshine but you know what? It rained!

Well, OK, it wasn't much but it did rain!

This morning first thing we were down to the beach as normal but when we got there we found Bryn was on the beach sniffing around!

Both ferrets were in the bag and along came Bryn to say hello but he was getting just too excited about sniffing the ferrets tail!

Come on, let's have a sniff!
 This time however, the ferrets said they were staying put and Bryn could go and sniff his own tail!

No, we're staying here until he's gone!
 In the end he was called back by his owner and both ferrets were out and ferreting about having fun!

While Snowflake was dancing over the sea weed Brambles was digging his very own hole!

I just love digging!
 Back home we had to get everything cleared up before our visitors arrived and when they arrived we gave them a big welcome and then we managed to mug them at lunchtime!

We decided to go down to the beach again later on in the day 'cos Miss Sassy and Tilly wanted to collect some shells and rocks.

We went to the rock pool and found a crab under the rocks and another who didn't make it until the next tide!

A Crab in his kingdom!
 I found Brambles hole and was helping out by digging it a bit deeper when out the corner of my eye I spotted Holly Dog rushing along the beach and heading my way!

I'll give Brambles a hand with his hole!
 Of course, as soon as Holly arrived she was trying to take over the hole!

Come on, I want to help as well!
 Old Two Legs was playing with his camera and of course no one was safe!

First he sneaked up on Miss Tilly.

Miss Tilly
 Then he got close to Miss Sassy.

Miss Sassy in the Mud!
Mrs G, also known as Ogg, (Don't ask, it's too long a story!) was saying she hated having her picture taken, so OTL just had to take her picture!

Ogg to her friends!
 Mr G was more interested in brushing off the little flying bugs that were having fun landing on everyone!

I don't like Bugs!
 So that's our Sunday, loads of fun and visitors as well!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles and .......

Guess who?


  1. Oh wow, you girls have lots of fun with visitors and lovely girlie visitors they are too, well except for the chap, I'm not into chaps but he seems quite nice as well. Mr Brambles is doing well with his hole digging and I bet he'll be pleased to go back to the hole tomorrow and see that it's grown. Glad to hear you managed some good muggings at lunch time, it's always easier to mug when there are visitors around. Maybe Bryn was trying to fit in the bag with Snowflake and Bro Brambles. We had a little bit of rain here but most of the day it's been quite nice, I've been helping my mum in the garden again, we've just finished, she says it takes much longer when I help, now how? I reckon she's just a slow coach, I'm in there pulling out things and she comes along with a tiny pair of trimming things ........... she'd be quicker with her decoupage scissors I reckon. Anyways, time for an after gardening snooze I think while mum does some small jobs in the kitchen. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx

  2. More visitors how good is that and a bonus because they shared their lunch. Perhaps Mr B will have to start his hole digging again tomorrow but he seems to be getting really good with a little help from his friends. He and Snowflake were better off staying in the bag while Bryn was ferreting around, can't be too careful. We had a little rain this afternoon as well and had to put our chairs away and go in their caravan and have another cup of tea! Still, so pleased that your local fete had such good weather and alot of people came to share. Look after TM, perhaps buy her a pair of water wings for Christmas, just in case. Have a super Monday with a super breakfast after a super run on the beach and then........well a super snooze. xxxx