Friday, 24 July 2015

A Damp Start to the Weekend.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

It has been a real Mix-up Day today, first of all we overslept 'cos we were up late watching the appendices to the Lord of The Rings, four DVD's!

It has taken four nights and we still have one more disc to go before starting on the second film!

Well, there we were, up late and half asleep!

Today The Missus is taking us out for our morning walk 'cos Old Two Legs has got an early morning job to do which means that us and the ferrets get all mixed up!

Like, they got a little run around and a change of Poo Trays then it was back into the cage with a promise that TM would let them out later for a run around!

We headed for the beach and the tide was in and just right for a dip. Trouble was, every time I got down the beach and near the water TM would bellow out 'NO', so, I went to the next bit of beach and again, 'NO' so in the end, no swim, not even a paddle!

We got to chase a rabbit but to be honest, it was hardly worth chasing 'cos it was so small!

Back home the ferrets got five minutes run around the office and a slurp of Ferretone and then back into the cage, hardly a Rampage!

Late morning OTL returned and pretty soon we were all heading to the beach again. Unfortunately, the tide was out, so no swimming, not even a paddle! The ferrets had fun digging a hole or two then plunged into the sea grass to hunt snakes and other monsters!

What they found was a grumpy crab who refused to move 'cos he was too comfortable on the sand!

It's taken me ages to get comfortable!
Snowflake didn't bother discussing it with the crab 'cos the rain had started and it was still a long way from the car park!

Yeah! Whatever, it's too wet to discuss it with you!
We headed back to the car at a trot 'cos we didn't want to get too wet. Except Brambles who insisted on having a sniff and a roll every ten foot or so!

There were a couple of times when OTL picked him up to carry him 'cos he wasn't making any progress but as soon as OTL scooped him up, he wriggled about so much that OTL put him down again and told him to 'Hurry Up!'

Back home it's Doggy Scoff again but with any luck, we might get some muggings from OTL!

The ferrets got a good 'Rampage' around the house and Brambles had great fun eating our biscuits and splashing about in our drinking water bowl!

Then it was back to bed for him while Snowflake did some 'House Keeping' of her squeaky balls which she hides in the 'Adventure Playground', mind you, after all that 'Sorting' she then falls asleep in the box and OTL has to dig her out and put her back into the cage again, all without waking her up! 

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. Your TM isn't as adventurous as OTL on the walks business. Hope Snowflake and little Bro didn't mind waiting until OTL came home before they got a decent stretch of their little legs. We've had horrible rain almost all day here, just managed to get out on my walk before it came, phew. I don't blame Snowflake for not bothering with the grumpy crab, my mum likes the look of his claws, she's partial to crab claws. Don't forget that little Bro has only got little legs, he can't go too fast. Shame about the doggie scoff. My mum is doing my afternoon dinner a different way now, the vet told her to soak the food, fill a kong with it then put it in the freezer. It takes me ages to get it out and eat it but it's a good game, my mum still has to put some in my dish though otherwise I don't count it as having my scoff. It must be nice to be small enough to fall asleep in amongst all those balls. I bet OTL will give you plenty of muggings tonight when he hears that you weren't allowed to have a swim and you got given doggie scoff ...... boooo hisssss Mrs. TM. Claws crossed for a nice dry day tomorrow, I don't want to go out in this rain to have a wee, it's way too wet for me. Enjoy your film and happy snoozes, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. What a miserable old and dark so quickly this evening, you are soon going to have to get out early before it gets dark. That TM isn't really into ferret keeping is she and they are so small as well? A pity you didn't get a swim or a paddle but to be honest it was a bit cold and you would not have enjoyed it. Lambs heart and chicken all gone, back to the dreaded stuff, I hope you have had some luck with the muggings, OTL will feel sorry for you and spare a little morsel, he must do. Enjoy the film, keep awake, keep your strength up for the muggings. xxxx