Monday, 27 July 2015

Getting Snowy Towers Redesigned!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Today has been a good day, no rain, well not much!

In fact although the wind has been blowing, it wasn't cold. Mind you, when the ferrets climbed back into Old Two Legs arms after having a quick wee, while Holly and I chased a couple of rabbits, they snuggled down and acted as thought the North Pole was on a visit!

OTL put them down on the beach but Snowflake still wanted to get back into the warm!

Come on Daddy I'm FREEZING!
By the way, that last photo was taken with the mobile phone, rubbish on focusing!

Snowflake gave up trying to get back in the bag and headed down the beach for a wee.

She was not a 'Happy Ferret', some one had trod on her Wee'ing Rock and pushed it into the sand, so, when the tide came in, the rock disappeared! 

Me Rocks Gone!
Brambles didn't hang around 'cos he was sure to get the blame! He shot off up the beach and remarked that the wind was 'Blowing his tail About'!

My tails 'Blowin' in The Wind'!
I found a super sniff to roll in and when OTL told me to get up I pointed out that it was a ferret sniff, honest!

If it's good enough for a ferret............!
Young Bryn came past, walking on The Sea Wall, he normally tries to have a nibble of a ferret but today his owner had got some tasty nibbles, so he ignored us and was on his best behaviour!

I've not even looked at them, now, Gissa Nibble!
 Sneaky Woofer got two nibbles!

We are going to try that on The Missus, she's a sucker for a 'Soppy Look'!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again but there was no one about, Holly says that they have all gone away on holiday and were sitting in lorries on the M20 doing Operation Stack, or should that be Operation Stuck!

OTL has spent the afternoon changing the shelves around in the ferret cage, getting ready for the new bits that should arrive soon.

We have sent off an email to The Centre to see how Miss April and Miss May are doing after their operation and we then should get an idea how long it will be before they move in with Brambles and Snowflake!

We are off now to see if there is anything worth mugging tonight before having to put up with that horrible Doggy Scoff again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad you've all had a good day and pleased it's been a bit drier today. Didn't you go and mug Bryn's TL for a treat? I met up with a lady who lives opposite this morning and mugged her for 3 treats, she loves me. Shame about Miss Snowflakes rock, couldn't OTL dig it out for her? Hope you didn't get into bother for finding that lovely sniff. I think Holly might be right about operation stuck. Hope Miss April and Miss May are getting over their operations. OTL has been a busy chap today with all that house arranging. Hope you find some decent muggings, doggie scoff is just so yuk. Have a lovely evening all, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Yes, it was much drier and the sun even came out every time we went indoors. We spent a long time in Toys R Us, it is a bit like your doggy shop full of lovely treasures if only you could have about half of them. We ended up with a Restaurant, a family of four polar bears and two baby bears one complete with a see saw and the other with a baby walker and bottle, beats chicken fillets any day! Then Michael spent a long time assembling it and putting on the stickers, it really is wonderful what you can buy.
    Back to your day, how dare someone stand on Snowflakes rock, without it she has nowhere to shelter from the wind, get OTL to dig it back up. It sounds as though you have decided on keeping those little ones and their names as the extension is on the way. You are going to need to design a heading with all the names on it that you can just repost each evening or your paws will be worn out, long gone is simply :- "Daisy and Holly here", poor you. Bryn is lovely, also Operation Stuck is a good alternative name, I would tell Ian but he will not be amused as he lives by Junction 10 where a lot of the excitement is. Have a lovely Tuesday with chicken or ox heart or doggie scoff! xxxx