Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Holly Scores!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

It has been a super day today, sunshine from start to finish!

On the beach both ferrets were diving in and out of the sea weed. Old Two Legs had brought his Macro Lens with him today, so, close up shots of small things, or, bigger things further away!

So that mean the ferrets get to wee without OTL clicking away in their face!

So, what did he do?

He took pictures of Holly and I fighting over possession of a hole we were digging!

No, this is My Hole!
Then we heard a woofing from on top of The Sea Wall, it was Dave!

Yo Girls! How's it hanging?
Holly looked up and told Dave that we were Girls and we don't 'Hang' like wot he does! Then we all had a good laugh and he went to OTL for his stroke and tickle!

While we were sniffing, OTL was clicking away at the insects he spotted on the plants.

Then he spotted this one, a Silver Studded Blue, well that's what he says it is!

Silver Studded Blue
Then it was of home for a bowl of Lambs Heart and a snooze while OTL was 'Manufacturing'.

Lunchtime we headed down to the beach again and Holly met up with a family of Two Legs who were  eating lunch!

OTL told them that Holly works on the strict rule of 'No Food, No Strokes' but she let the Mini TL a 'Sample Stroke'!

OTL wandered off to play 'Chase' with me but Holly stayed there,wandering around and sniffing!

OTL looked around and called Holly but what did he see?

Holly dog was chomping away on a sausage that the TL had left on his plate!

OTL thought Holly had pinched it but Holly promised him it was given to her in exchange for a stroke!

You had better have some food!
OTL was having fun creeping up on the insects and trying to get a shot, even though the wind was blowing the flower head all over the place!

Six Spot Burnet.
Then he found another!

Another Six Spot Burnet!
Holly and were busy on the beach and OTL came out of the undergrowth with a stick!

That was it, I was in the water swimming out to where OTL had thrown the stick. Holly was running up and down the beach getting ready to rob me of the stick when I got close to the shore!

Come to Mummy!
What was fun was Holly splashing about trying take the stick off me but I hung on and Holy ended up with wet paws!

Give me the Stick!
OTL was telling me to go back into the water but Holly was digging her claws in and refused to move!

It was only when she realised that she was wet did she let go!

'ere! I'm wet!
That was it, OTL picked the stick up and hid it in the undergrowth for next time!

Back home to get dry and have a snooze before dinner.

More mugging!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Glad you've had fun in the sunshine today. I bet the ferrets were glad to have a wee in peace without being photographed then having it put on the internet. OOOhh that was a bit of a rude joke between Dave and Holly about bits hanging. So who did win the hole? Lambs hearts sounds good, you do get a variety on your menu. Well done to Holly for getting some good mugging in, didn't she save you a bit Daisy? Looks like you had a really good time with that stick, oh dear, Holly didn't notice your cunning plan to get her paws wet. I wonder if she'll go in a bit further another day. Lovely pictures today, there's lots of crawly, flying things around your area. Good luck with the muggings tonight and make sure that OTL evens up the score with the muggings after all Holly did get a bit of sausage on the beach. Have a lovely evening all, love, licks and wags from little (mugless) Arch xxxx

  2. Good for you Holly, finally getting "the sausage" and then getting wet feet! That was cunning of you, she was so wrapped up in what she was trying to get that she didn't notice, he he. Good for OTL taking his lens, I notice he also took the camera and the memory and the battery, he must be sickening for something, either that or he is getting organised, organised OTL, ??? Lovely pictures of the local wildlife, beautiful and he must have been quick because they don't hang around posing. There is a picture for you on Michael's Blog, is it yours Daisy? Hope there is more Lambs Heart tomorrow and more sunshine. xxxx