Monday, 6 July 2015

It's 'Sort Out Day'!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It was cooler last night, just right for sleeping!

Mind you, that didn't stop The Missus from getting up early to start working on another 'Inspiration'!

Old Two Legs was up early as well, he just can't sleep after TM has started to crash about and Holly and I start licking his ears!

Down on the beach Holly was talking about spending all morning catching the rays! 

Yeah, I could do this!
 Mind you, the ferrets said that there was no way they were staying 'cos there was some ferret food and Ferretone waiting at home, plus, some of out doggy biscuits!

We're off!
 Half way up the grass path OTL stopped to photograph this Skipper butterfly, trouble is, we are not sure which one it is but we are betting it is an Essex Skipper!

An Essex Skipper?
Lunchtime I was getting all excited about going down the beach again 'cos I wanted another swim.

When we got down there I was most disappointed, the tide was still out!

OTL said it was 'cos I got down there too early!

I mean, no water and no fishermen!

No Fisherman!
 OTL pointed out that here were some strange looking clouds, but Holly and I were more interested in what the fisherman had left in his bag!

Strange Clouds!
 We were having a slow walk and we even stopped at a bench for a rest when one of our woofer mates passed by and said it was just too hot for her!

Too Hot for Me!
 We know what she means!

Back home OTL and TM were shifting stuff so that the telephone man can install a new line called Fibre Optic which is supposed to give us faster broadband!

Does that mean it will be quicker to type this blog?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad it was cooler for you last night, it was here as well. Tell your TM she shouldn't get inspirations before a reasonable time. Tell Holly she'll need to put on some sun cream if she's going to stake out and catch some rays. Them ferrets are getting to be really good woofers, scoff comes before anything. Sorry to hear the tide was out at lunchtime, I know you really like your dips. It will be brilliant if your blog comes thru faster, me and my mum can't wait to read it each day. It's been a much nicer day here but I'm still having regular snoozes to get my strength back up for escorting 2 ladies on Saturday. Hope there's some decent mugging tonight down your way. Have a lovely evening and tell OTL the pictures today are smashing. Love, licks and wags from little (cooler) Arch xxxx

  2. Has the shortbread gone, get TM to ask everyone to bring shortbread! Yes, it has been cooler today but it still looked very tiring at Wimbledon, I hope TM was there cheering for Andy Murray, didn't he look little compared to his opponent and he is 6' 3" himself? Who is she going to cheer on tomorrow? Beatrice Bassett looked very big I think the fishermen would offer up their sarnies to her, you must get more friendly with her might be useful.
    Lovely pictures and Eagle Eye spotted another pretty little creature and I don't mean Snowflake. Fibre optic broadband doesn't mean you can type faster with it, it just means that when you push that button that reads "POST" it will go everywhere quicker! You are going to have to put some powders in TM's night-time cocoa or try tapping her gently on the head with a rubber mallet. She doesn't know that little woofers need a proper sleep if they are to do their guard duties, perhaps Archie will have a word with his mum about the situation. I know she has your best interests at heart and has had serious discussions about food in the past. Have another adventurous day and be careful of those nipper crabs. xxxx