Thursday, 9 July 2015

We missed out on Rabbits but still had fun!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a mix up day it has been today. It started with Old Two Legs getting up earlier than normal 'cos he wanted to get a rush order packed and ready to send first thing.

We were down on the beach but the tide was right in and Miss Snowflake was in need of a wee, but she wouldn't move further up the beach, and so, she got a wet tail!

Wet Tail and a Wet Butt!

We had to chase some gulls off the beach before we had our game of 'Chase'!

OTL and Alun went off to the carrier and then off to a Wild Life place where dogs are not allowed!

We had to make do with The Missus and Glynis taking us out and we found a Cinnabar Moth, the first this year!

Cinnabar Moth!
 Mind you, it was rather hot!

Too hot for me!
 OTL and Alun had a long walk around the park and OTL took some pictures of birds he saw, first was this Black Headed Gull who's had the black fading on his head!

I am changing OK?
 There were loads of Ducks paddling around looking for food.

Hello Duckie!
 One time they spotted a grey Heron but as soon as it saw the camera it ran away!

No Pictures!

 When they got back home they had a big bag full of Chinese Food! There were Plawn Balls and Plawn Clackers and Chicken and Rice and Noodles and other stuff!

We did some serious mugging I tell you!

We're off to the Kent County Show tomorrow!

See you tomorrow with some good pictures!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I didn't know black headed gulls go grey like people!!? Oh wow, Chinese Plawn Balls and Crackers, I hope you did as I told you with a slight turn of the head, so, so, appealing. If the Wildlife Park don't do dogs then you don't do Wildlife Parks and you did get more time with Glynis, I hope your behaved and played the "butter wouldn't melt". It was hot today, the moth was really pretty, who took the picture? Nice to see the ducks from OTL and loved the Heron being shy. Have a lovely day tomorrow, best behaviour, perhaps some more of those bambi burgers, you liked those. Have a good evening everyone and I hope you all enjoy tomorrow. xxxx xxxx

  2. Glad to hear everyone had a good day. Poor Snowflake getting wet by the wave. Good for you clearing the beach of those gulls, hope you enjoyed your game of chase. Lovely pictures again today. I hope TM let you have a good run around. Wow, you're certainly doing well with the muggings, plawn clackers and plawn balls wicked. I bet you want Glynis and Alun to move in. Hope you have a good time tomorrow, I expect there will be lots of TL's wanting strokes, don't forget Holly's rules, no scoff no strokes. I think my mum mentioned I might have to have a tidy up tomorrow before I come visiting my favourite girlies. Have a good snooze tonight so you can enjoy yourselves. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx