Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wot a Scorcher!

Yo Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, they did warn us and for a change they were correct in their weather forecast!

It has been stinking hot and seriously muggy!

We were out good and early while there was still some cloud around to cool it down a bit. Holly met up with her boy friend Butch!

As normal, she was acting 'The Tart' and was teasing poor old Butch who was kept on his lead!

I think you're pretty!
Holly was playing up to him something rotten! He got so excited that he asked if he could come home with us!

Can I come home with you?
Holly can be a real Tart sometimes, you know, I almost felt sorry for Butch!

Down on the beach Holly and I had a rest while Snowflake went off looking for wet sea weed and a cool rock pool!

I'll just wet my paws!
 She was so busy having a good time that when a Sea Gull came over and called out, Snowflake got in a panic and said it looked like a White Sea Eagle!

Look! A Sea Eagle!
 We all had a laugh about that and kept calling 'Watch Out! Sea Eagles!'

Mr Brambles had some fun winding up Holly by telling her that he had changed his name to 'Bro Brambles' and challenged her to call him that.

So, she did, and Brambles answered back Yo! Sis!

Of course, that got her going again!

I'm not your Sis!
 Another bit of excitement was when Holly and I came across a dead Shrew, Holly reckons it had died of old age!

Not so our big brave ferrets! They both pounced on it together, then Snowflake picked it up and gave it a good shake.

Brambles then jumped on it and sunk his teeth in and announced that it didn't taste like chicken!

After they had finished playing with it, Old Two Legs told them to 'Leave it Alone' and we headed off home.

Come on, my turn!
 Back home we were all too hot and so we all headed for a cool place where we could snooze the morning away!

The ferrets had their Ice Pack under their bed and were happy to snooze the day away!

OTL had to go out working followed by a trip to the dentist.

More pain and he had to pay for it as well!

OTL was not a happy puppy!

After that he headed home and said he was going to enjoy a cool beer and a sit down in the shade!

Mind you, his car does have air conditioning!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Bro' Brambles.


  1. Oh Daisy, this heat is seriously affecting my hunting and mugging. Like you I went out very early, there was no one around, except Richard at the sweet shop sorting out the papers for the paper boys. I went in and called out for Brenda but Richard said she wouldn't be there for another few hours, I decided to sit and wait which didn't go down well with my mum. Richard reckoned I'd follow him out, yeah rite, in the end my mum had to pick me up and carry me. Snowflake and Bro Brambles are lucky to have some cool seaweed to cool their paws on. Come on Daisy and Holly, you can't let them to ferrets beat you in the hunting stakes. It's good to snooze in the cool after a long walk. Poor OTL, fancy paying someone to hurt you ......... I hope he didn't have to pay too much, my mum has an agreement with the dentist, he don't hurt her and she won't hurt him. Hope OTL feels a bit better after his cool beer, perhaps later he might even feel like a bit of shortbread. Perhaps he could dunk his shortbread in his beer, that might be worth you 2 having a little taste. Hope you find it cooler this evening. Love, licks and wags from hot little Arch xxxx

  2. I hope it wasn't the shortbread that did in OTL's teeth, if so you had better share the rest with TM but tell her to be careful. It really has been so hot Michael has had his computer on all day with the monitor off and just tried to do some of his blog, the computer has gone bananas, when he clicked to open up blogspot it opened about ten times filling the width of his screen. He couldn't shut it down because every time he moved the mouse something else opened, then some more and some more, he has turned the switch off and gone into the garden with his I-pad in disgust!!!!
    Snowflake and Mr Brambles have it made with their rock pools and cool seaweed and ice packs, I think I will morph into a ferret and come and crawl under your shed, promise you will rescue me and keep me, they may be very nice in Harrietsham but I would sooner be with you. Now the weather say heavy rain, do we need our macs? I don't know......
    A dead Shrew, I suppose it had a long beard and glasses which was how Holly knew it was old, she is really clever that sister of yours no wonder Mr B wants her for a sister. Don't get too wet and take care of the oldies. xxxx (I heard it on TV, you have to make sure the old folk are not too hot).