Friday, 7 August 2015

A Three Walk Friday!

Hi Woofers!

It's us! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It has been a super day today, for a start it has been sunny all day making it good to be out in the fresh air. Both ferrets had some fun on the beach while Holly and I investigated all the new sniffs.

Oops! That's Wet!
 Holly and I sat down and decided it was almost like being on holiday!

All we need is some mountains!
 Then, while we were looking the other way, who should come charging along the beach?

Yo! Sis! Let's play Chase!
 Brambles had the pickle in him and not only chased Holly but he tried to chase me and Snowflake!

That was until he got out of breath and rolled onto his back and asked Holly to 'Spread some Factor 35 on his tail!

Holly told him to spread it himself!

Old Two Legs spotted a bee who was well loaded down with pollen!

This is Heavy Work!
Lunch time we were back down the beach but the water was hiding again and even Holly said that if it was in even she might have had a paddle to cool her paws!

I could do with a paddle!
OTL sat on the Sea Wall to wait for Holly to catch up and while he was sitting on the Sea Wall I crept around the side and sat down in his shadow!

Holly was not amused, she said it was her turn in the shadow!

If it wasn't so hot, I'd fight you for the shade!
While OTL was sitting there, one of those BeeFly things landed on the flower, we have looked in our book again but still can't identify it!

Bee or Fly?
It was after we got back that OTL got a phone call to drop the 'Books' into his accountant, so, that means we get another run in the sun!

Holly was not sure if she wanted to go but in the end decided that as we were going in the big car and it had Air Conditioning to blow cool air all over her nose, she would come with us!

Well, that was OK but she still had to get out for a walk along the Riverside Park but she decided that was worth the treat of cool air!

Still no water to paddle in, just mud!
There were loads of sniffs and Holly did enjoy them really, even if it means walking on the hot path! The grass was almost as hot as the path but there were more sniffs on the grass!

Mmm! Interesting sniff!

 We got back home just before The Missus returned from her day out at a card making thingy. So, we are planning a restful evening watching a DVD, if we can stay awake!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. You've had a lovely day today, all them walks in the fresh air. I bet you are tired out now. I've had a horrible day, my mum said if I was going out with 2 girlies tomorrow I had to have a tidy up and a bath. I howled all the time I was in the bath and I kept trying to climb out but my mum blocked my way out. I'm not talking to her now. My mum has packed everything in the car so we can have an early start tomorrow, hopefully to miss the traffic and travel while it's cooler. If I'm talking to her by then I'll ask her to put the air conditioning on. I'm surprised Holly didn't turn round and chase Mr Bro up the beach for being cheeky. Lovely pictures again today. I hope OTL isn't too worn out, I'll be looking forward to a snooze on his lap again tomorrow. Shame Holly didn't manage to get a paddle now that she is feeling the heat. Hope you get good muggings tonight, enjoy your DVD. I'm off for a walk soon the a pre bed snooze before having an early night. Looking forward to sniffing all the sniffs down there tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Yo! Archie Babe!
    Don't worry we've saved some super sniffs for you to roll in! Drive safely and see you tomorrow! Luv, D&H

  3. Haven't you had a wonderful day in the sunshine, it has been fun, fun, fun all the way for you today and an extra visit to. Have a grand old Saturday with Archie, show him the sights and sniffs of the beach, hope you gets lots of treats and maybe a little bit of cake from the ladies. How is the computer, has the mask been taken off the wall and are you ready for the small invasion? Answers soon, please. xxxx

  4. I think you unknown fly could possibly be a Black Bee... x fab photos xxx

    1. Mmmm, worth considering but I think we need to see another one and get some better photo's, Luv, Daisy