Thursday, 6 August 2015

Computers are So Boring!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

This new computer of The Missus is taking too long to set up! She has got Old Two Legs working away transferring files and installing programs and getting the security protection in to stop any nasty things from getting in!

All this means that OTL has been sitting in front of the laptop and not playing with us woofers!

Even the ferrets got put back into their home earlier than normal!

They were not Happy Woofers!

We had been out for our morning walk and you know what? We didn't see any rabbits!

Us, leaving the Rabbit Ground!
We met up with The Lads, Max, Oscar, Bryn and young Holly. They had just started their walk so had no new sniffs to talk about!

It's The Lads again!
The water was still right out of sight, so we had a run up and down the beach while the ferrets had a hunt in and around the rocks. Looking at the sunrise, it was a sign that we will be getting 'Moody Mornings' soon and that will keep OTL happy!

Getting Moody!
Back home we had Chicken for breakfast and while OTL was pounding away on the computer, Holly and I enjoyed a well earned snooze!

Lunchtime, back down on the sea front, we went in search of rabbits again but this time we sneaked around the back of the bushes and crept in, just like we do at home when inspecting the house!

Puppy Patrol looking for rabbits!
What did we find?


I went back to hunting crabs along the beach while Holly and OTL enjoyed a sit down on the Sea Wall.

You'd think she would have grown up by now!
I didn't care and I had great fun running up and down the Sea Wall! I was getting rather warm and with no water to cool me down I collapsed into the only wet stuff around.........Sea Weed!

Another place we love is under the bench, while OTL crawls up the hill we get under the bench and enjoy a rest in the shade while getting the benefit of a cooling breeze!

This is the life!
Back home OTL went back to the computer, he is so Boring!

It wasn't until late in the afternoon that he finished messing about and other that the little bits that may come up when he swaps over to 10 Windows, it should all be working as it should be!

We got him to take a couple of shots of Snowy Heights. the first picture is of the new Play Room!

It's got balls and squeaky toys and tubes to run through and blankets to hide under and beds to sleep in and things hanging from the ceiling for them to chase!

Great fun but we will have to get rid of that African Mask off the wall!
Next floor down is the Bedroom where they also have their food bowl. Brambles is a messy eater and ends up crunching up the biscuits and spilling them all over the bed and floor!

He can be so mucky sometimes!

The bedroom.
Mind you, they do love that old cushion of ours, they stretch out and spend hours snoozing away!

The Postman brought two new harnesses for May and April for when they arrive here and soon they will be out with us in the morning.

Can you imagine it, two Dogs and Four Ferrets!

I think OTL will have his hands full!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Sorry to hear the bunnies weren't playing this morning. At least you had a meet up with the lads, probably more interesting than boring bunnies. It's been a much nicer day today. I managed to mug Brenda again this morning, she doesn't usually work on Thursdays, but there I was doing my tug of war with my mum outside the sweet shop, when I heard Brenda call my name, yayeee got my sweetie. Where has that sea gone? There can't be too many places for it to hide. I bet that seaweed sniffed good, I might have a sniff of it myself on Saturday, as long as there's no sea about. Glad you got some decent scoff today. Poor OTL, it takes a long time to sort out 10 windows. Snowy towers is looking well good, look at all those different rooms with lots of things to play with and snooze on. So it sounds like Miss's April & May are definitely going to take up residence. I expect your TM is waiting patiently for her new laptop to be sorted, ready for bouncing. Looking forward to coming to play with you Saturday, hope you get decent muggings tonight. Love to you all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Before commenting on your Diary I have some news for you:
    Today while shopping in Iceland I picked up a leaflet about their "Speciality Meat and Game", they sell Angus Beef, Kangaroo, Venison, Ostrich, Wild Boar and Rabbit. This is what is says about rabbit, "Similar in look to chicken, rabbit has a much firmer texture and subtle, refined flavour. It's ideal for casseroles and pies". So now you know you might just as well stick to having chicken and not bother to chase rabbits!
    Right now your day, still no sea but at least the sea weed didn't go off with it and you could have a cool down about in it. Sorry about TM and her new computer taking up all this time, looks like you are all suffering from neglect, he must get it done before April and May join you or they will be asking to return to the Rescue Centre for attention. Still I suppose if TM is happy with it you all gain in the end! The newly extended Snowy Heights looks very nice, fit for two new princess's but you must take down that mask or they will be frightened. Have a nice Friday, I hope the sea returns. xxxxxx (just practising)!