Monday, 3 August 2015

TM's got a New Laptop and the Ferrets get a Third Floor!

Hi Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

It has all been happening here today!

First we went down to the beach where Snowflake told us all to 'Clear Off' while she 'Inspected' the rocks!

As if we couldn't see her!

If you Gotta Go, then you Gotta Go!
 Brambles found his own rock and did his business. Of course, like any good Sis, I had to make sure he was 'Tidy'!

Not that he appreciated it!

Get Yer Nose Outta My Butt!
 Mind you, it didn't stop him from enjoying a Sea Weed Wrap up the top of the beach!

A Sea Weed Wrap is Soooooo Relaxing!
 We said hello to the birds who were digging in the mud and when we got to the Curlew all he said was 'Just for a change, I fancy Cottage Pie and Chips'!

I fancy Cottage Pie and Chips instead of these worms!
 What ever turns you on Curly!

Mid morning we had a delivery of the Third Floor of Snowy Heights!

Both ferrets were fast asleep after their morning jog along the sea front and a 'Rampage' around the house.

Old Two Legs decided to take the roof off the cage and build up the third floor, but do it without waking the ferrets up. So, with Miss Snowflake tucked up in the hammock, she didn't even know the light was on and Mr Brambles was in his normal sleeping place, on top of a cushion, stretched out and snoring gently!

Gone Man, Solid Gone!
 You know, OTL dismantled the old one and built up the new one while the ferrets were asleep and they didn't even know it was done!

When Snowflake finally woke up, just for a wee, she was most surprised! She investigated the top floor with it's two beds, water dispenser and squeaky balls and a load of Ping Pong Balls!

There's two corner shelves and OTL has ordered up another 'Pocket Hammock' and a Corner Bed for when the new ferrets arrive!

Post or Wot!

We'll get some picture tomorrow.

Lunchtime arrived and after our Chicken and Biscuits we headed off to the beach again. The tide was in, so, I was in as well!

OTL said I looked like Jaws!

Woofer Jaws!
 Holly met up with a new lad being walked by his TL's and he wanted a sniff!

Well, you know what Holly is like,

No Food, No Sniffs!

You gotta learn how to treat a Girl!

 Once we got back, The Missus and OTL went off delivering and doing other stuff and finally ended up where they sell Laptop Computers.

TM's computer is not very well, a sort of  'Electronic Grumbly Tum', mind you, it doesn't help with her keep dropping it or spilling coffee all over the keyboard!

So, tomorrow there will be a new computer with 10 Windows in it and we are now betting on how long it will last this time!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. Glad to hear you've all had another good day. Is OTL considering a roof extension for Snowy Towers? If he keeps going up he'll have to go into the loft. I don't blame Miss Snowflake for wanting privacy when she needs to wee, I don't really like people watching me when I need to go, I like a bit of privacy. Mr Brambles looks like he's in heaven with his wrap. Watch out Daisy when you have your nose near little Bro's butt, look what he did at the weekend, you wouldn't like your nose to end up over at southend.
    That Snowy towers is sounding really good, lots of beds for lots of snoozes, Little Bro looks well and truly comfortable in his bed. Glad you managed to get a good swim in again today. I thought Miss Holly liked boy woofers having a sniff and saying hello. Glad to hear your TM got her new laptop, I hope her 10 windows behave, maybe OTL should put some springs on the bottom of it so that it will bounce if she drops it. I hope you got decent muggings today, I managed to mug a sweet from Brenda at the sweet shop this morning, I love Brenda. We've had a busy day today, I found a really good roly sniff this morning and had a bit of fun till my mum made me come away. Right, all these walks today have made me extra snoozy tonight so I think I'd better go have a pre bed snooze. Love to you all down at Godwin Towers, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I must say first of all how cute is Mr B asleep on his back with his front paws crossed, ahhhhh. Now, this new extension sounds amazing with all its living accommodation, how many new sisters are you expecting to arrive? mmmmM? love the ferrets and the rocks and the curlew, did you happen to have any cottage pie and chips with you or perhaps those TL's did. Good food today even with TM having a new laptop with ten windows, I hope it is drop proof and coffee proof, does it have a special warranty covering it for those little accidents they may or may not occur while in the hands of "the clumsy", I hope you don't let her read your comments, she will defriend me and pull the drawbridge up. Have another fantastic day tomorrow, take care. xxxx