Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Back to work again!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here!

Well, it's not as bad as yesterday but it still managed to rain on us this morning when we were down the beach and then it did it again in the afternoon!

You can see the clouds passing over us in this picture Old Two Legs took.

Another Woofers Warning'!
Today is the first day of Autumn, bet you didn't know that! Well, it is and I can see that there will be more of these 'Sunrise Photos' on the blog, together with Fungi in strange places!

Talking of strange, Holly was sniffing about on the beach when Brambles came up and asked if he could jump over her!

Of course, she said that there was no way a ferret could jump over a woofer and that he would only hurt himself if he tried!

You are joking, aren't you?
Brambles insisted that he would be OK and would clear Holly with no trouble 'cos he had been practising jumping onto the sofa!

Holly did ask if he had ever got onto the sofa and Brambles had to admit he hadn't, but he had got close yesterday morning, but he fell off  'cos he caught one of his claws on the dog blanket on the seat and ended up slipping onto the carpet!

He made such a fuss that Holly agreed and stood there as Brambles came tearing along the beach. Holly turned her head away saying that she 'Just couldn't look' and Mr B ran straight past and stopped by her tail.

I just can't look!
'There you go!' said Brambles, 'Straight over the top and a safe landing as well!'

Of course, Holly couldn't argue with him 'cos she had her eyes closed and I'm not going to tell her!

This morning the Page Three Girls were having a great game and winding OTL up at the same time. You see, OTL says 'Hello' to them and lets them out for a run around the house as a treat in the morning. After putting them back in the cage they normally will kick the Poo Pot around to get his attention again for a cuddle or another run around the office.

This morning they were going to wind OTL up good and proper, they decided to play 'Poo Pot Tennis'!

As one tossed the Poo Pot across the floor, the other would kick the other Poo Pot so it hit the first Poo Pot and crashed against the wall, then, the first one would kick it again and off they went, Bang, Crash, Bang, Crash, CRASH.............................15 Luv!

No matter what OTL said, they took no notice of him and had a right old Crash and Bang about for quite some time!

That was until they felt tired and went to bed in their new Hanging Bed!

Beats Wimbledon any day!
Lunchtime arrived and the sun was out, well, jumping around the sky and hiding behind the clouds and there were a lot of clouds!

Holly was the first to notice that the clouds were getting bigger!

I think it's going to rain soon!
Not that it worried me 'cos I was in the water playing at 'Cross Channel Swimming'!

Which way to France!
The ferrets were deep in the weed that got washed up on the beach from yesterdays tide!

Loads of Ferret Sniffs!

There's loads of insects in here!
Then it started, the rain, it came down, then it came down with a bit more force and Holly really got worried!

We're in for a soaking!
The ferrets finally got the message and ran over to OTL for protection!

I need cuddles!
It wasn't too long before April sniffed the rain as well!

I need cuddles as well!
They had a cuddle but it wasn't for long, they wanted to get down and go sniffing in the long grass.

Then it happened, it started to rain and it got heavier and heavier!

We were all running back to the car but we got soaked through to the skin!

Holly was mumbling away about 'I told you so' and the ferrets were wondering if anyone was wee'ing on them 'cos they had never been out in the rain before!

Now they have!

Just wait until it snows!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. You've all had a busy day today. Ferret tennis sounds good, perhaps OTL could introduce it to the games at the ferret shows. Mind it sounds a bit noisy for first thing in the morning, wouldn't go down too well here. Love OTL's pictures today, some of the sky ones are very dramatic, my mum liked the one with Holly against the sky. Talking of ferret games, look at that little champion Mr Brambles and his doggie long jump. That sea looks a bit cold for cross channel swimming Daisy. What a sporting little lot you all are. Hope you all enjoyed your sniffs today. I found a particularly ripe sniff to roll in but my mum stopped me just as I was lining up my chin slip before rolling. Have a good evening you sporty lot and I hope the muggings are good. Any news on little Trevor yet, our ones that hatched this year are about the size of my mums forefinger nail and are proper little froglets now. Looking forward to reading your adventures tomorrow and keeping my paws crossed the weather is better. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Great moody sky shot there OTL!

    And lovely pictures of the critters you share your home with too.