Sunday, 20 September 2015

Brambles has gone.

Hello Woofers.

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here.

Sorry about not doing a blog yesterday but there was so much going on we didn't have time to do it before we went to bed.

Yesterday Mr Brambles was not a happy ferret, he was a bit down 'cos he had a Grumbly Tum and he spent almost all day sleeping. Early evening when all the ferret cages were brought in he snuggled onto Old Two Legs arms for an extended cuddle and a slurp of Ferretone. He doesn't normally stay that long in OTL's arms and we put it down to his tum. When he did move it was back to have a nibble and then to bed for an early night.

Early this morning he tried to climb out to visit the Poo Pot, made it but we think he had a heart attack 'cos we found him slumped in the poo pot, dead. He had not long died 'cos he was still warm.

OTL closed Brambles eyes and did a check to see if there was any sign of breathing but there was none..

We have decided to bring him home with us to bury in the garden, where we can visit to tell him all what's going on in the house. OTL says he will select a suitable rock from the beach as a headstone and will use his tools to put an inscription on it.

OTL has washed Brambles back side and he is all clean and dry and wrapped up in a pillow case and two plastic bags and he has taken over the freezer compartment in the caravan fridge!

We reckon Mr Brambles was just over eight years old when he died, he came to us from the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue where he arrived from his last home. We don't know the full story but he has left some children to carry on the Brambles blood line!

We had the honour of him being with us for just over two and a half years in which time we all came to love his gentle ways. He was the perfect little gentlemen and never showed any bad habits. He loved his food and the treats he got to share with Miss Snowflake. He also loved sneaking into the kitchen and eating our 'High Protein Turkey and Fish Biscuits'.

He never once used his teeth on OTL and was more inclined to give OTL a good licking on his cheek!

He is going to be sadly missed by us all.

Mr Brambles.
See you all tomorrow.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay.


  1. Dear McGodwins, I cannot bear to list you all without Mr Brambles, my TM Annie is in tears reading this as you know she loved reading about your adventures. So pleased to hear that you are bringing Mr B home to rest in your garden and what a lovely idea to use one of the weeing rocks from the beach as his headstone. He had a lovely life in his later years with you the best a ferret could have. Run free now Mr B and know that your family and all their FB and Daisy Diary friends will think of you often and I am sure you will still be spoken about with love in DD. Special hugs to Snowflake and all of you. Love Licks and Hugs from Jasper and his Mam Annie xxx

  2. We are all so, so sorry to hear this sad news. Although we never met Mr Brambles we know that he was a first class ferret and that he will be very sadly missed. He was lucky to have such a wonderful life with you all and rewarded you with lots of many happy memories. I'm really pleased that he will rest in your garden with his own special weeing rock and that you can continue to visit him and call him Bro!
    With tears in our eyes, we send you all love, hugs, woofs and wags. From Izzy, Hamish and our Mum Jeanette xxx

  3. My Heartbreaks for you all ...he was such a lovely character hugs to TM and OTL. R.I.P Mr Brambles he will be sadly missed.

  4. What a very sad day, there are lots of people sheading tears for a very special little man and the rest of you who had lived with him. He will be very sorely missed by so many TL's, woofers and especially Miss Snowflake and even the page 3 girls. My boy always asked me, when I'd been down to visit, how was Mr Brambles and Snowflake. I'm so pleased he's coming home and will have his weeing rock in your garden. Give your TM and OTL hugs from me and my mum please. Hope all of you get to have a good cuddle together, little bro Brambles would like that I'm sure. Love, licks but no wags today, little Arch and my mum. xxxxxxxx

  5. We are so sorry to here this, glad you are taking him back to Allhallows.
    Much has been said about him on Facebook and on the blog.
    All Sue and I can say is thank you Mr Brambles for giving so much joy to us all. RIP...xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Such sad news, but I know Mr Brambles had his happiest years with you all. Glad he is coming home, goodnight and sweet dreams to Mr B x

  7. I feel so sad hearing this awful news. My heart is breaking for you all. Mr Brambles had a wonderful life with you and you have so many wonderful memories. Lovely that he can go home with you and rest in the garden. xx

  8. Heart breaking news. I too am so glad that you can take him home and honour him for all the love and fun that he shared with so many x

  9. Oh dear, it was such sad news about lovely little Mr Brambles and to die away from his home too. What a wonderful idea to take him home and have a little rock for his headstone, I can't bare the thought of only five x's now so it will still be xxxxxx. Plus an extra little one x.

  10. So very sorry to hear about Mr Brambles. What wonderful happy times you all gave him. Thank you for sharing his story with us. He could not have had a better life with anyone else. Its good to know Mr Brambles will be going home so that he will always be part of the goings on at Godwin Towers. He will want to hear about the super sniffs you all manage to track down.
    Goodnight Mr Brambles xxx

  11. I am struggling to write this to you all OTL, TM, Miss Snowflake and all your other Fur-Babies as I know only too well what it is like having to live with the thought of this happening each and every day at the moment..... All my words cannot help at a time like this but please rest assured you both gave him all the love and happy memories in his latter year and what could have been nicer for him but to have found you both to share his life with you and you with his..... RIP little Man and I hope that you can look down and continue to smile at the happy times you shared...... Lots and lots of love to you all and "Sleep Tight Mr Brambles".....believe me you will be sadly missed.... Love The Laity's, Lucy and all my other Fur Babies xxx

  12. Sorry to hear your news about Mr. Brambles but you and OTL TM gave the best 2 1/2 years he been on holiday
    went for walks everyday to the beach had slurp of feretone he was a lucky to have you all as his family so glad to know he will be at rest in the garden xxxx

  13. I'm sorry to hear about Mr Brambles. It doesn't sound as if he suffered badly.

  14. I was just catching up with your blog after a few days absence . . . and was so sad to read the news about Mr Brambles. RIP little fella. Can't say anymore . . .bought a lump to my throat.

    Sending hugs your way.

    Sarn xxx

  15. Oh how sad :( I love this blog and hop in quite regularly to catch up. Mr Brambles was a little trouper and the blessing is that it was fast. RIP.


    Di xx