Friday, 4 September 2015

Kicking Poo Pots can be Fun!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May back with you again!

Now, you know just how much we love winding up Old Two Legs? Well, I must admit, these Page Three Girls are Masters at it!

They are so full of fun and have worked out just how to 'Push OTL's Button'!

Take last night. OTL will normally get Holly and me settled on our bed, then, off he goes to say 'Good Night' to the ferrets which normally means a cuddle and a slurp of Ferretone before being ticked up in their sleeping beds. Brambles and Snowflake are first and after a slurp they are off to sleep in no time.

Next comes May and April who have decided that Ferretone and a cuddle make a good start to an evenings entertainment.  Slurp, Slurp, Lick, Lick on OTL's cheek and back into the sleeping bed.

While OTL is switching off the computers, they both jump out of bed and rush down to the Poo Pots, get behind the pot and give it an almighty great shove so that Cat Litter and Poo are sent all over the cage floor.

Poke head over edge of Poo Pot to see if OTL is looking and if not, give Poo Pot another Almighty Shove so it now is standing on it's edge with Poo and Litter spread everywhere around the cage!

Poke head over edge of Poo Pot and grin at OTL!

Yesterday OTL decided to fight back!

Miss May, the Ring Leader, was doing to Poo Pot Kicking Trick and OTL hauled her out of the cage and put her into the travelling cage and then turned it around to face the wall. He said she was in the 'Naughty Box'!

He then cleared up the mess and replaced the cat litter.

After a while she sort of fell asleep, so OTL got her out and put her back in the sleeping bed.

As soon as OTL had let go of her, out she came, rushed down to the Poo Pot and kicked it all over the place again!

Back she went into the 'Naughty Box'!

This time he left it for a bit longer and he managed to get some work done that he had been meaning to do all day!

It must have been a good half an hour before OTL turned the box around, collected Miss May and deposited her back in the sleeping bed again.

This time she cuddled up with Miss April and went back to sleep!

Around six this morning guess what? Yep! The Poo Pot Kicking started again but as OTL was having a wash he couldn't be certain which Miss it was, and, as they looked over the top of the Poo Pot, they both had grins on their faces!

This morning it was a bit chilly down on the Sea Wall, both Snowflake and Brambles got out of the bag for a quick wee while Holly and I looked for rabbits, but even they had gone back to bed!

Another five minutes please!
There was a funny sunrise this morning and we were surprised that we could see the wind powered generators all the way down the coast at Herne Bay!

We can see for miles!
Even Miss Snowflake was busy investigating all the rocks, looking for a 'Suitable' rock to wee behind!

I think this one will suffice!
Back home to some boring stuff which kept OTL in the office pounding away at the computer key board. Holly and I retired to the sofa after a bowl of chicken, for a well earned snooze.

Upstairs in the office Miss April and Miss May pestered OTL to let them have a run around the office while he was working and OTL fell for it!

They had a great time in and out of the stuff in the office. The drawers were pulled out and wriggled behind, the keyboard was run over and they nearly ordered a million widgets with knobs on!

Then, April sort of became very quiet, in fact she was silent, so silent that OTL started to worry.

After calling her and then searching in all her favourite hiding places he found her, behind a drawer, chomping away at a bit of 'Teeth Cleaning Chew' she had pinched from under my cushion!

I always keep my teeth clean!
OTL thought it was very funny and left her there to get shiny white teeth!

Later on, after more Poo Pot Kicking they both headed off for a snooze and Miss April was so worn out that she only just made it into bed!

Teeth Cleaning is Hard Work!
 OTL left us at home and went to fetch the caravan from the menders and now we have a caravan all back together again and ready for the holiday!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May

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  1. My goodness, all the females at Godwin Towers have some fun with poor OTL. I had to laugh at Miss April with the chew and hanging out of her bed asleep. Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles will be catching on to the tricks of the other 2 soon. I hope OTL tucks you and Holly up at night. Lovely pictures, when I went out for a wee at 3.45 I couldn't see my paw in front of my face. It's getting a bit chilly first thing here as well. Still at least it was dry. Shame there weren't any bunnies to chase, I expect they're staying in their warm beds. My boy came home this morning, I was so pleased to see him that I let him have a play with my toys after I finished giving him welcome home licks. I think I'm almost licked out now. How is your TM's eye? Good to hear you had some chicken today, if you get doggie scoff again you could put your TM in the naughty box. I'm off to guard my boys door so that when he wakes up I can give him some more licks. Have a lovely evening all, hope your TM has fun at her master class tomorrow and I hope OTL doesn't get a delivery of millions of knobs. Enjoy your muggings tonight. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx