Friday, 25 September 2015

We've been to a Book Fare!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here!

We have had a funny day today, you see, The Missus has been a real pain in the tail!

Last night she was kept awake by the wind blowing the awning and making a squeaking sound. Now Holly and Old Two Legs and me just sleep through the noise, we know what it is and there is no danger, so, back to sleep!

Not TM!

She gets fed up with the noise, gets out of bed at three in the morning and proceeds to march up and down the caravan, turning on the lights, starting her computer and iPlod up, (with the sounds enabled) and then turns on the water pump so she can make an endless stream of coffee that keeps her awake until the sun comes up!

We were not happy puppies!

We were also tired puppies as well!

After OTL had finished all his chores, TM announced that she wanted to go to a Book Fare in Wigtown!

'What's a Book Fare?' we asked.

'A place where arty and clever people go!'

So that let OTL and us out for a start!

But, once TM has made up her mind we were off to Wigtown.

On the way TM said she was tired and kept on shutting her eyes, now, I don't know if it was deliberate, but, OTL did manage to find lots of bumps and pot holes in the road, which kept TM awake!


We got there and had a mooch around but unfortunately nothing really started until three in the afternoon and didn't pick up until the evening, so, we decided to have a look at the marshes to see if there were any birds, but there were none to see!

We did however see the Martyrs Post on which many many years ago some people were drown because of their religious beliefs. OTL says that things haven't improved 'cos there are still things like that happening all over the world!

So much for religion!

The Martyrs Post
 When we got back to the path, there was an explanation of it all!

Will we ever learn?
One good thing OTL found back in the car park, fungi!

There he was, on his knees clicking away, anyone would thing he hadn't seen a fungi before!

Looking Good!
Then he found another type of fungi but this one was in a big bunch!

I've got a lovely bunch of Fungi!
After a spot of lunch in a restaurant that allowed dogs in providing they had well behaved owners. TM said that we were always well behaved, but she couldn't say that about OTL!

Back home to the caravan OTL decided to try taking out all three ferrets at the same time. Well, he actually had Miss MacMay and Miss MacApril together on a yoke and Miss MacSnowflake on a separate lead.

Then, getting onto the wide area of sand he got them all out and told them to 'Play Nicely'

Play Nicely!
Fat chance! Almost as soon as MacSnowflakes paws hit the sand she was off after the others with mayhem on her mind!

OTL had to separate her from the others several times and at one point he had to put her back in the bag!

Yeah! Keep her in there Daddy!
Then OTL had to make sure they both had equal times running on the sand, so he had to pick up the Page 3 Girls while MacSnowflake was out of the bag.

Having a cuddle with Daddy!
It was unfortunate that MacSnowflake spotted this and as soon as the girls were put onto the grass, MacSnowflake was doing the 'Highland Charge' towards them for some 'Discussions'!

Come Here! I'll teach you to stay away from my OTL!
 In the end, it was the two girls, out front, on a long lead while MacSnowflake was kept back on a shorter lead, while Holly and I came up the rear, keeping out of trouble!

OTL trying to keep the peace!
Back at the caravan we were let off our lead and told to go into the awning but as soon as we were unleashed, we shot off to chase the rabbits!

We had such a good laugh, those rabbits hadn't been chased like that for ages! We were tearing all over the place woofing and yelping and there was at least five campers trying to catch us!

Fat Chance!

In the end all the rabbits were in their burrows hiding, so Holly and I reluctantly allowed ourselves to get 'Caught' and marched off to the caravan in 'Disgrace'!

But it was such good fun!

See you all tomorrow!


Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay.


  1. Hello Daisy and all the McGowan Clan. Sorry we've been away for a while but MR BT put a fault on our line so we've had no Internet at all. But don't worry,;we've caught up now on all your holiday fun. You're post today had us woofing with laughter from start to finish. Naughty TM keeping you all awake last night. How unfair! Good job OTL went over so many bumps in the car today otherwise TM would keep you all awake again tonight. Think you'd best hide the coffee too.
    I was very pleased to see that the McFerrets had a walk together (well sort of). Hopefully they'll all become good friends and can live together in The Tower. What jolly japes you and Holly got up to. Sounds like such good fun. What a shame that all the TL'S had to join in too. Hope you enjoy your scoff tonight. Woofs and wags from Izzy and Hamish xxx

    1. Think the gremlins are playing again. I did type McGodwins but the letters changed without me seeing...unless I was still laughing at the thought of TM waking up with a snore as OTL dipped into a pothole. Xx

  2. Yo my McHeros, I did have a good laugh today at your adventures. Your TM lives life dangerously, my boy was telling me what they used to do with nagging wimmin, they used to sit them in chairs and dunk them in the water until they were quiet and well behaved. If she keeps waking you up and being bossy you'll have to try it. It must have been awful on that bumpy road to the book fare. You've had a very interesting day, there's lots to learn up there. Nice piccies again today. We've got some toadstools growing in the garden. What a shame about Miss MacSnowflake on the walk, but I guess she's still letting them little ones know that she is boss. I don't like other woofers cuddling my mum, she's MY mum and her cuddles should all be for me. Glad you managed to get some fun with the bunnies, good for you not getting caught, it's always worth the telling off afterwards. I hope you didn't get doggie scoff after. Wow, good to hear you got into the restaurant, even if you TM is naughty, OTL is always a good chap and you two are always good little woofers. I hope that doesn't mean there will be no muggings later though. Have a fun evening and see if you can sneak out after the bunnies again, they look like they could do with a bit of exercise. Love and licks from little Arch xxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh it made me laugh picturing TM swanning about, up and down, flicking lights, boiling kettles while the wind blew and the awning creaked and rattled. It would make a good beginning to a horror movie! Poor things, all while you were all trying to catch some sleep, as good as a video. The McFerrets don't seem to be in perfect harmony yet but you can add "Attended Book Fare" to your CV and also know all about Martyrs and Fungi. You are so well bred and educated. Off now to see what you did next. xxxxxx