Thursday, 8 October 2015

A bit of a Mixed Day today!

Hi! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again!

Well, what a day today! There is poor old Hamish with his hair shaved off, I had that when I got 'Done', drafty or wot! The Page 3 Girls had all their stomach shaved when they were 'Done' and they refused to go out in the cold for two weeks!

Keep on with the mugging lad!

Holly has got a Grumbly Tum and Old Two Legs has got her booked into the vet tomorrow morning, she will keep eating stuff that makes her bad!

OTL has had a bit of luck, seems the last bit of sealant he spread over the shower enclosure seems to have done the trick. Well, he let the shower run for some time without water pouring through the ceiling but The Missus won't let him finish the job yet 'cos she wants a few showers without any leaks before he can paint over the patches and holes he made!

Now, what about Archie Babe and his possible tooth problem? Does that mean you will have to have the tooth extracted?

We hope not 'cos that will make your jaw ache for a while!

Funny is it not? Holly is going in with problems at the end and Archie is going in for problems with the beginning!

I'm staying well away 'cos there is nothing wrong with my middle!

Down on the beach this morning there was a gull sitting on one of the rocks when a flock of birds flew past heading for the Essex Marshes.

OTL whipped out the camera and was trying to frame it so he got the gull and the flock positioned just right when Snowflake stuck her cold wet nose up his trouser leg and wiped it on his leg.

That made him jump!

Taken with a ferret up his leg!
 From then on, Snowflake kept running up to him shouting Gissa Leg!

Come on, Gissa Leg!
 She even tried to hide in the grass so OTL wouldn't see her ambush his leg but even OTL spotted her this time!

Betcha Can't see me!
 We had fun chasing each other along the path and we met up with a new woofer who was one of the 'All Mixed Up Mob', a bit like Holly and me!

We all said 'Hello' and had a good sniff but Snowflake hung back 'cos she wasn't too sure if he liked ferrets or not.

OTL said she should try shoving her cold wet nose up his tail and see what happens then! She would soon find out if he liked ferrets!

Nah! This is close enough thanks!
After we got home, Holly headed off to bed and snoozed the morning away until lunch time when OTL woke up the Page 3 Girls for their walk.

Miss April does love her snoozes, especially when she can sneak into the ferret bag and bury herself right down the bottom!

Mind you, she does come up for air every so often and to check just how far she is from the beach where she knows OTL will get her out so she can run all the way back!

This is so comfortable I think I'll stay here until we get home!

 OTL had different ideas and before long she was deposited on a whacking big rock that was covered with sea weed!

April was not a happy ferret!

This is cold, wet and a long way down!
 In the end she slid all the way down and scampered off back to the car!

I found a hard plastic ball but it was just a little bit too big for my mouth, so, just like OTL, I kicked it about using my paws but I couldn't make it go very far, but it was fun for a while!

Can you get football boots for Woofers?
 This afternoon OTL and The Missus headed off to the hospital to get OTL's eyeball checked and after filling it with nasty stingy stuff it was decided to get the operation done, 'in three months' so he will be able to see in time for Christmas!

Trouble was, all this stuff they shoved into his eyes made the pupils all dilated, he looked dead weird with big black holes in the middle of his eyes!

Scary or wot!

Keep yer tail up Archie Babe!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. I've had that shaving done a couple of times, don't like it, it gives me the itches and it lets the cold creep in. Sorry to hear about Holly's grumbly tum, I know the problem, you see something that looks so tasty you can't resist a taste of it. I mean a woofer has to do what a woofer has to do and you just have to see if it tastes like chicken. My mum isn't sure if my tooth is going to be taken out yet, we will have to see if I wake up with it gone. They best make sure the tooth fairy leaves me a decent treat if they do pinch it! I'll get lots of cuddles, they loves me at the vets. My mum will be dashing between the vets, the doctors and the hospital tomorrow what with me and my boy. I bet I get better service than he does.
    I like Snowflakes cold nose trick, there's nothing better than putting a cold wet nose on a two legs and watching them jump. It's nice to meet a new friend, glad it was a friendly woofer. Those page 3 girls are really coming along as honorary woofers. That's a nice treasure you found today, shame you didn't have a pair of soccer boots to kick it with. Poor OTL, hope is eye is feeling a bit better now, at least he didn't have to part up with any money, well maybe for the car park but not like when us woofers go and see the vet. Tell him to put some of that shower sealant on his wallet then they won't be able to get anything out of it. Do hope Hollys tum feels better soon, I think you're right to stay away, no one wants their middle to be poorly. Glad to hear the shower is not leaking, maybe your TM is right to wait for a few showers before painting it. Love, licks and wags to you all, little (brave) Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Archie is learning to type as well as you Daisy and his is not all spread out like yours with pretty pictures so I think he has typed as much as you. So much news, where to start?............At the beginning.............. Poor Hamish and poor Holly, I recon these nasty things see her coming and pop up all alluring like, she falls for it every time, maybe she has a crush on the vet. Such a lovely story teller, all wet noses and snuggles in bags and drips from the ceiling and beautiful pictures, I find your Diary a joy to read. Except of course the grumbly tums, shock of wet noses and the leaking showers. Plus OTL's poor sore eye, I hope he didn't notice you laughing at his "big eye" he will be forgetting to go to the chicken fillet shop and calling at the vets instead. Probably not come to think of it the vet takes more from his wallet than the chicken fillet shop even if he tries to seal it up. Should be a good weekend, I will be back soon, keep on enjoying yourselves and look after the big ones and little ones. xxxxx