Friday, 23 October 2015

Just Too Many Woofers for Snowflake!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here!

After yesterdays fun and game we stayed in bed a little longer this morning. Holly said that it was the Doggy Cake and Carrots and Shortbread and Muggings and Chicken Fillets and the Anti Hair Ball Nibbles from the Ferrets!

Staying in bed later means we meet up with all the woofers out for their early morning stroll. They were all there, from Bailey all the way down to little Bo who thought Holly was wonderful!

The Gathering!
Every one of them wished us a Happy Birthday for yesterday and we were told about some remedies for full tums!

The only one who wasn't enjoying her self was Miss Snowflake. She got chased by Poppy every time OTL put her onto the grass path. We even took another path back to the car but Poppy still followed us and ran after us every time she saw OTL bend down!

So, Snowflake got a short run today, mind you, she didn't mind too much 'cos she likes a cuddle with OTL and she can enjoy the sniffs from a lot higher up than normal!

We spent the morning on our new beds while OTL cleared up all the Ferret Poo and tidied up their cages.

OTL is getting a little worried about the bone growth on Snowflakes back, not that it is stopping her from charging about and playing games with OTL, it's just that it's getting bigger, so, tonight she is off to the vet for a 'Consultation' which means OTL will be crying again!

Lunch time it was still overcast but there was no wind and the wormy men were out digging holes again, which amused Miss May. She reckons they are potty digging all the worms up and then throwing them back when the tide comes in!

Why not just leave the worms in the ground?
Even though it wasn't raining and there was little or no wind, Miss April still tried to blag a ride back to the car. Having done her 'Stuff' she said there was no reason to be on her paws when OTL could quite easily carry her back!

I'm not moving at all, so you will have to carry me!
OTL was having none of that, he insisted she have a run along the grass path and enjoy the sniffs!

Mind you, April did try the old 'Poor Little Me' but that didn't work either!

If I don't get a carry, I'll cry!
In the end she got a carry off the beach but got put down when she got to the grass path!

OTL and Snowflake have just  left for the vet, I'm not sure who I feel most sorry for, Snowflake or OTL!

Let's hope there are no nasty needles!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Well it sounds like you and Holly had a proper banquet yesterday, hope you've saved me a morsel or 2 for when I get down there next. Good on you's for having a lay in, my mum made me get up at 3.40 and she had to lift me off the bed cos even the word brekkie wasn't cutting it this morning, she said I'm a lazy bones! Tsk, as if. Well you had a right social gathering this morning, it's good to meet up with mates, I love meeting up with mine but none of them try to eat me or ask if I taste like chicken, poor little Snowflake being chased by Poppy. Good job OTL was there to the rescue. Hope they both get on ok at the vets this evening, I went this morning, my mum came out smiling, no money to pay, I came out wagging, no sharp things stuck in me, I just got cuddles and a quick check over, all seems well so Sorcha the vet and the nurses were all happy, so it was a win, win visit. I reckon it was cos I sent in a box of tasty cakes after my last visit. That little April is a lazy little girl, she always cons OTL in to giving her a carry, can't she put on the poor me look when she has to. Now May seems to be very sensible, quite right about the worms, if they left them in the ground they wouldn't have to go back and dig them out! Silly wormy men. Hope you have some good muggings tonight, have a lovely evening all. Love, licks and wags from little (no itch) Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. I hope you and Holly have finally recovered from your Birthday Bash, still nearly a year before the next one. What a regal gathering you met up with this morning and lovely to see all the doggy walkers socialising and seeing your little ferret friends. Poppy was rather too inquisitive though but then OTL was there as security guard. I must admit that the wormy men seem rather silly, firstly digging the worms up and then throwing them back in, the poor worms, they are the ones I feel sorry for. Glad Snowflake isn't troubled by her fast growing bone and I hope the vet is able to come up with some solution. I am off to Appledore tomorrow looking forward to having a nice tea in the Tea Shop so take care of OTL and TM and you had better take charge of the little ones. xxxxx

  3. I don't blame you for having a longer lie in on your comfy birthday beds. What a large gathering of woofers to wish you happy birthday. What a shame that poor Miss Snowflake found it all too much. I hope she got on ok at the Vets and didn't need any needles. Did OTL survive when he had to pay.
    I'm writing by myself today because Hamish has gone on his holidays to Scotland with DAD TL to visit Dad's mum. Hamish used to live with her when he was a little pup but he was too quick and she tripped up so Hamish came to live with mum and dad when he was three months. He loved coming here because two old woofers called Charlie and Shelly used to live here and Hamish loved them like his parents. When they went to Woofers heaven, Hamish was heartbroken until I came to keep him company as a puppy woofer.
    I'll be travelling down to Kent this week to visit mum TL'S family. I'll be staying with a lovely woofer called Rizzo. Maybe I'll ask mum to bring me to your beach for a woofer's meet up.
    Will be waiting to hear about Miss Snowflake tomorrow. Love and woofs wags from Izzy xxx