Tuesday, 13 October 2015

No, It Didn't Work for Snowflake!

Hi! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again today!

Well, what a day we have been having. First of all it was definitely chilly this morning when we went out for a walk. Miss Snowflake didn't  even insist on getting out of Old Two Legs arm for a wee, she wee'd over OTL's arm and his coat!

OTL said he felt a 'Warm Feeling' all over his hand!

We know what that was!

When we got to the beach Snowflake suggested that we have a wee then head back to the car as quickly as possible!

OK, I've wee'd, now can we go?
 We looked over her shoulder at the morning sky and sort of agreed with her!

Cold and Windy!
When we got home Holly and I headed for our food bowls while Snowflake and OTL had a little chat.

You see, there is a little Polecat Ferret that has been handed into the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue 'cos her owner couldn't look after her any more. She is very well handled and is a lovely little thing. She used to sit with her owner in the evenings and watch TV with him! He was very sorry to give her away but he had lost his house and just couldn't keep her any more. Her name is 'Sausage', I suppose that is 'cos she looks like a little sausage!

So, OTL and Snowflake had an appointment this morning to see if Sausage and Snowflake were going to be friends!

They got to Harrietsham and were introduced to each other. At first it looked good, sniffing and ear licking but then something happened and they were rolling on the floor screaming at each other!

That was it out of the cage came Snowflake and Sausage was put back in her own cage.

Such a pity 'cos she is such a sweet little thing and because she has been so well handled she doesn't bite or nip at all, unless you are another ferret!

We decided that she has bonded with Two Legs and that is what she needs!

Not to be defeated, and because they had travelled many miles it was decided to try Snowflake with a Hob, (male) ferret who hadn't been doctored yet. So, out he came and almost as soon as he went into the cage, Snowflake turned on him and he had to be rescued by OTL!

The next ferret was an Albino Jill who hadn't been doctored either. That didn't work out too well 'cos although they didn't fight, Snowflake was a bit scared and so was the other little girl and it was obvious that warfare was about to start!

Next came Percy, a big Hob who had been doctored and he was the most laid back ferret in the centre! He had a sniff around and then tried some of Snowflakes food, then he had a drink and then went off sniffing the cage for sniffs!

Snowflake was very wary and you could see she was not happy, she kept 'Nose Butting' him and showing her teeth to him!

That was it, OTL then decided that Miss Snowflake is not going to let another ferret replace Mr Brambles and so, back she went into her cage and her warm bed and back home to us!

So, it looks like Snowflake will be a OTL's little girl, just like Holly and me!

OTL is out tomorrow doing work so unless The Missus takes her camera out when we go for a walk, we had better come up with a good tale!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Such a shame, but..... Miss Snowflake is obviously a One Ferret, One Man, One Woman, and two dog Gal !!!! Hugs P xxxxxx

  2. Aw bless, Miss Snowflake is an independent sort of a girl who knows her own mind and also she is a one ferret sort of girl and Brambles was that ferret. We know she will get lots of cuddles from OTL so as long as she is happy that's how it has to be. Sad for poor little sausage though she would have had a wonderful home. woofs and licks Jasper and his mam xx

  3. What a shame. Does kinda show how special Mr Brambles was. Maybe Snowflake needs a little more time, maybe she might even get a bit closer to the page 3girls now she knows their sniffs and is used to having them around. At least she seems healthy and happy xxx

  4. Well, what a busy day and OTL had warm hands on his walk. Shame things didn't work out at the rescue place but Snowflake has had true love and I suppose now she's decided that OTL is the only man for her and the rest of you are the only girls for her. I'm sure Sausage will find a good home soon especially as she has been well handled and doesn't nip, someone will come along and love her. I wonder what the page 3 girls would have made of another furry in the office. Shame OTL has to work tomorrow but at least your TM will take you and Holly out, the rest of the furries will just have to wait until OTL has time. Happy muggings tonight and have a good evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  5. Aawww Snowflake is clearly a one guy (ferret) gal, she had the best mate for her with lovely Mr Brambles. Such a shame about Sausage though, especially as he bonded so well with OTL. O, wait I have just had a brilliant idea!
    If you get TM to shift her craft stash into a smaller corner, maybe you could fit another cage into Godwin towers for Sausage. Its a winner all round as you girls would get three walks a day instead of two!
    What do you think Daisy?

    1. TM thinks..... on yer bike, lindajayne! lol lol lol xx

    2. Tee hee. I have to admit it would be a shame to curb your glitter and glue sloshing - the results are so good!
      On the other hand you might have missed a trick - you could have trained Mr Sausage to be your crafty gofa, cleaning up your glitter etc. I'll try and keep my brilliant ideas to myself lolx

  6. Shame that there was no bonding Daisy it would have opened up another chapter for you all.....perhaps Snowflake is just not ready yet. Looking forward to the photos the Missus takes tomorrow Daisy. Maybe you better have a really good run around to get The Missus moving!! lol xx

  7. Such a shame, we had everything crossed at this end. Maybe it's too soon for Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles was obviously very special indeed xx

  8. Well, what a very sociable day Miss Snowflake had, meeting all those new ferrets. But she is obviously a Mr Brambles widow and will stand by her man even if that means living by her ferretself with just OTL'S arms for comfort...Although she'd best stop weeing on them quickly!
    Hope you all have a fun day with TM - especially as you've still got your blog to write tomorrow. Hamish and I had another quiet day. We're getting used to having our walks in the semi-dark now that it's Autumn and our TL'S are at work during the day. But don't worry, we've been eating our carrots incase that Ruby the Border Terrorist escapes her prison again.
    Love, wags & woofs from Izzy and Hamish xx

  9. I know it is 10-45 pm but you have already had 10 comments, everyone wanted to know how Snowflake got on with Sausage.
    What a pity that you can't continue your 2 by 2 Ark in Godwin Towers but Snowflake is determined that no ferret will be good enough to replace Mr Brambles. OTL had a warm start to his day, there is some saying about "not biting the hand that feeds you" and Miss Snowflake never read it hence the soaring sales of TCP and wet sleeves! Be good for TM tomorrow and get her to take the camera out as we all love to see pictures of our favourite 4legs. Hope OTL has a good day and when he comes home you will get extra treats. xxxxx

  10. Aww - what a shame. Poor old Snowflake . . . and poor OTL too . . . left with the poo pot kickers and biters and not little Sausage. Ah well . . . loving TM's comment reply above! Tee hee. That was NEVER gonna happen was it!?

    Hugs, Sarn xxx