Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday and it rained, indoors!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again!

How can you get rain inside a house? Well Old Two Legs and The Missus can!

This morning we started to get drips of water coming out of the light fitting in the lounge.

Which, is right under the shower!

OTL had to cut short his breakfast with the ferrets and rush down to make temporary repairs!

The rest of the day was spent in the shower digging up all the sealant so he can make a complete seal all around the shower!

Mind you, The Missus had the right idea, she cleared off to Cambridge for a Glue & Glitter Masterclass with The Cat Woman and Archie Babes Mum!

While the ceiling was drying out, we went for our morning walk with OTL and Snowflake.

The mist was still there on the sea, but not so much as yesterday!

Well, at least we can see the water!
 Down on the beach we could just see Sheerness and the sun was throwing a strange 'Sunny' colour across the mist!

Yellow or Orange?
There was a Two Legs and his assistant counting the sea birds as part of a study for the local power station. As we went past he was rattling off different birds names and calling out numbers, like, Common Gull, twenty five, Lapwing, six, Oyster Catcher, fifty five. I don't know how he managed to count so many in such a short time!

OTL called out, Two Woofers, One Ferret!

We don't know if they put that on the list but OTL had a good laugh!

Ferrets, Twenty, Woofer, Two!
 Miss Snowflake decided to head off to the wee'ing rock but her way was blocked by rock pools, so OTL had to lift her over the first lot of pools so she could hide behind the rocks!

OK, this is too wet for me!
 When she had finished, she headed back but had the same problem as she had on the way out, so, she called out to OTL!

OK, I'm finished, Gissa Lift!
 Back home we had some Doggy Scoff that TM had left for us. It was a bit Yucky but we were hungry, so we had to eat it!

Lunchtime walk was boring, I mean really boring, you see it's Sunday and on a Sunday there are loads of TL's walking along the Sea Wall and of course, as soon as the see the ferrets it is all Ooooo! and Ahhhhh! and Wot are they?

OTL tells the story and they all get to stroke the ferrets back.

I mean, no one takes any notice of us any more!

Even the ferrets were getting fed up, you could tell that 'cos they both did their best to hide in the grass when they saw any TL's approaching!

Have they gone yet?
Back home OTL was digging and scrapping and complaining about his back. He has managed to get the wall prepared, so tomorrow it is down to B&Q for some sealant!

Of course, after that he has some more decorating lined up, poor lad, he gets caught every time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Oh dear Daisy, rain indoors is not good. That ceiling has caused lots of both, why don't you suggest that OTL just gets rid of it, solve the problems. Now if my mum had known that your TM was sneaking out and leaving poor OTL to it she would have sent her straight back to help. Beautiful pictures again today. Maybe when OTL's back is better he can make a little bridge for Miss Snowflake to cross the rock pools and get to her weeing rocks. I still think you and Holly are more interesting than the page 3 girls, so don't worry about TL's making a fuss of them, all the woofers know you 2 are more fun. My mum said she had a lovely day with your TM and the cat woman and Lucy's mum and Chris, I gather they got up to some mischief. My mum is having a very special night cap tonight, she's really lucky and she bought some crafting stash which she keeps stroking today. I had a good day with my boy, I had him running round all over the place trying to keep me happy. Mind I'm not so happy now, they had a Chinese and I didn't get a share of the plawn clackers. I hope you get some good muggings today, I know my mum mentioned about doggie scoff and waking you all up early. Have a lovely evening all, I'm off tomorrow morning for a bath and a hair cut ......... yukkkkkkkk. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxxx

  2. oops meant that ceiling has caused lots of bother ......... my claws got stuck xx

  3. Oh not the ceiling again but from what you say it is the shower not being sealed properly and "People" in there sloshing around and making the water go over the edges and because it isn't sealed properly it has seeped over and on the floor and then out of the light fitting, oh dear, trouble at mill. Hope it is easy to sort because you don't want that all over again!!!!! Oh dear.
    Well so as for the rest of your day, you had a good time in good weather, I can just imagine all the oooo's and ahhhh's at the sight of the ferrets and you two being overshadowed, I think you are both looooovvvveeeellllyyyyyy. xx The "Ferret in the Long Grass" is funny, you must get TM to put that on Facebook. Do you think someone else will come and count dogs tomorrow, you go there so much you will confuse the figures, mind you, how do they know that the Lapwing that just flew over wasn't the same Lapwing that came by five minutes ago and ten minutes before that. I have counted people entering shopping centres, some have gone in, realised that their companion wasn't with them, come back out, found the companion and then gone back in. It is a quick decision do I count it as two or three because there were another fifteen entering at the same time and after a set time of counting I had to start counting those leaving, not sure what good the counting did but they paid me. So Archies mum had a Chinese, sounds nice, hope you had some nice food while OTL was in charge because now that TM has been out for the day there will be no money for tomorrow. Should I bring you another carrot? xxxx