Friday, 16 October 2015

Wash, Splosh and it is still Raining!

Hi! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here!

Well, today it has been horrible!

We had to put up with The Missus snoring all night! How can a poor woofer get some sleep nowadays if these Two Legs spend all night roaring their heads off!

We were up early, as you would expect, and down the beach for a wee. Trouble was, it was raining that horrible misty rain that was not only cold, but it sort of creeps up on you and before you know it, your wet!

Snowflake stayed in Old Two Legs arms until we got to the beach and then, after the 'Usual's' , she almost dragged OTL back to the car!

I ain't stopping for no one!
One speedy ferret!

We went straight down to the 'Parlour' and got in conversation with a parrot that lives in a cage in reception. He kept whistling at us and of course, OTL tried whistling back. Only not very successfully 'cos the parrot blew a raspberry at him when he tried to copy the whistle!

Well, we got left and shoved in one of the 'Waiting Cages' which was small and it had a hard floor as well. So our snoozing was interrupted by aching bones!

Then, instead of OTL picking us up at two, like normal, he had to leave it until three 'cos the lady was all behind!

That didn't please Holly and me especially as we had a smelly Westie next to us who had been eating something that gave him the wind!

I won't bore you with the details but we got washed, shaved, sprayed and clipped!

Funny thing is, once we have finished, if you look at Holly and me, face on, we look identical!

Tonight we are expecting a good mugging as OTL says he will get the shortbread out to help smooth over the pain of having to order a new PC monitor 'cos the one he has on the wall died a most horrible death, it went blank and refused to display anything!

OTL has ordered another from PC Whirligigs and it should be delivered tomorrow. So, we have the delight to come of OTL trying to get it mounted on the wall and looking good, especially as this one has a curved screen!

Posh or wot!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Oh dear, bad night with snoring keeping you awake, rotten rain and then left and having to lay on a hard floor, that's not good. You should come to my place, my mum stays with me, so I don't have to go into a cage ..... and then to have a westie with wind next to you .......... really, really not good, I hope it didn't jam tart on you after you'd had your wash and set. Don't blame Snowflake for hurrying back to the car, luckily it stopped raining when I put my head out for a walk. Sorry to hear about OTL's screen, I hope that doesn't come out of the doggie scoff budget. Fingers crossed you get extra muggings tonight to make up for a not very nice day. I bet you two girls look beautiful though. Hope the evening is much better and make sure you turn TM on her side or kick her out if she starts snoring tonight. Love, licks and wags from little (much less itchy) Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Sorry about the snoring, not a good way of beginning the day before it has even started, still at least TM shouldn't fall asleep and embarrass herself while out on her glueing and glittering. Poor Snowflake will have to pull harder if she is going to get OTL back to the car quicker but at least she tried. The Poodle Parlour should have nice soft floors if you have to stay longer in "a cage" tut tut and no pictures of the extra special customers!! Have fun tomorrow with the new monitor, very posh, a curved one! That means less good food for you two and with Miss April nicking your biscuits Holly will be as slim as you and you will be.....................oh dear. Best raid TM's bag when she comes home to see if there is an odd bit of sandwich left or a pork pie crust. Enjoy the shortbread tonight, sleep well and hope it is less cold tomorrow. xxxxx

  3. Thank TM for the advertising and catching up on the blogs, she is a star.
    Well you all are really.
    Wot a curved screen, we I have heard it all now. I suppose its all right for him to spend a little bit of money as we are shoving of to the States in December and that would buy about twenty.
    hope TM had some spare food for you lovely lot. xxxxx