Thursday, 15 October 2015

We discover where our biscuits are going!

Hi! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again!

It's another chilly day down here, Miss Snowflake insisted on staying in Old Two Legs arms all the way down to the beach and she tried to get a lift back as well but OTL insisted she get some exercise!

Too cold for swimming!
Which was just as well 'cos she inspected the half boat on our beach and announced that there were no ferrets on board!

No, no Ferrets here!
Of course we had to do a second inspection, just to make sure there are no Woofers hiding down the bottom of the boat either!

No Woofers either!
When we got back home there was a meal of Chicken and rice and grated carrot. Not the most exciting meal when you are not that hungry, but we made an effort and finished off the Teeth Cleaning Chew as well!

We retired to our beds but were awoken by a scratchy noise coming from our food cupboard. We notified OTL and he went to investigate!

There she was, April the 'Sneaky One', she had knocked the packet off the shelf and was inside up to her tummy!

Mmm, I might be able to use them for trading with the Woofers!
Not that OTL believed April for one moment, he knew where she was heading but she said that she was putting the biscuits back on the shelf 'cos the box had fallen off the shelf and there was a danger of the Nargles eating them all!

Honest,I'm just putting it back on the shelf!
She pretended to climb up onto the shelf but as soon as OTL turned his back.........

Ratholes! I've been caught!
In total, she managed to hide two biscuit bones behind the book case which is terrible 'cos Holly and I can sniff them but can't get to them 'cos the gap is too small for us to get behind!

Lunch time we met up with Dave and his mates. One of them was dead interested in the girls. He kept leaning over the edge of the Sea Wall and was asking if the ferrets tasted like chicken. Holly, who doesn't take having her biscuits pinched was considering giving the woofer a shove so he lands on top of April, then he can find out what they taste like!

Does it taste like Chicken?
But she didn't!

We have moved our biscuits to a safe place so they won't be able to pinch any more.

We are off to the Parlour tomorrow for our Shampoo & Set. We have asked OTL to bring our coats with him when he comes to pick us up 'cos it's bound to be chilly!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Brrrrrr it is cold these days, my mum put my jumper on me yesterday, I didn't want to go out in it but she made me. Looks like it's still quite dark in OTL's first picture this morning. I don't blame Snowflake for wanting to stay warm in OTL's arms, she's quite sensible. Now that little April is a right little tealeaf, she needs to be banned from the kitchen, fancy pinching a woofers bonios ......... tsk, just not on. Good job OTL caught her and knew she was telling porkies. Is Holly's grumbly tum better yet? What wouldn't I do for a brekkie of chicken, rice and carrot .......... oooohhh it wouldn't have seen the bottom of the bowl, but good news, the vet says I can have a carrot to chew on to keep my teeth nice, up till now they've not been very keen but with all my allergy results back, carrots are on the can have list. My mum bought some giant carrots today and I've had a good tuck in. I'm on new treatment and my mum thinks it's already working but the only problem is, it makes me feel hungry ...... my mum says what's new there. I think if I'd caught a little furry pinching my biscuits, I'd have told Dave to go have a taste .......... Holly is a gooder woofer than me. Glad to hear there's no ferrets or woofers in the boat. Enjoy your shampoo and set tomorrow, you always look lovely to me and make sure OTL doesn't forget your coats, it's a tad draughty when you have a hair cut. Have a lovely evening all, hope the muggings are good and tell OTL me and my mum enjoyed the pictures today. Love, licks and wags from little (not so itchy but more hungry) Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Well now, that is just unbelievable, fancy Miss April trying to steal your super big biscuits after all the sniff training you have given her. Not content with nibbling your little biscuits she has decided to hide your food where you can't get to it, bad girl Miss April! I think this calls for revenge! Still have that boat then, I don't suppose you have found that 10 ton whale that is roaming around the beaches, that would make a good picture for OTL. Well done on hair cut time, you are very brave, best put your coats on. I see that TM is off crafting and leaving her four legged family and OTL to fend for themselves, never mind you can have some nice parties, break out the whiskey, shortbread and ferretone, get a few friends round and go wild. It looks like the swimming is off for the time being, keep warm. xxxxx

  3. Nicking yr biscuits is just RUDE! XXX

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