Sunday, 25 October 2015

Why do they mess about with the clocks!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here, just!

We went to bed last night at our normal time, got into a comfortable position and drifted off to sleep. Then, just at the right time I woke up and gave Old Two Legs a lick behind his ear as a warning that it was getting close to 'Getting Up Time'.

He takes such a long time to get up that I have to go through this game every morning!

Well, there I was, doing my job, when I happened to look across at the clock.

Three fifty four! That's nearly four in the morning and I always wake up and give him a lick at five!

It was then that I remembered, OTL had said the clocks 'Go Back' tonight, I thought he was sending them all back to the shop!

Well, the upshot of it all was, we got up a whole hour late and it was messing with my body clock!

Even Snowflake was put out and got into her travelling cage before OTL had put her harness on her!

When we got to the Car Park, we met up with Bonnie the Staffy who had been down to the vets for an operation on her claws, the one that you may think of as your thumb.

To stop her from licking the wound she had to wear a horrible plastic collar! I remember when I had to wear one, I hated it!

That must be horrible to wear!
 We left Bonnie to it and headed off to the beach and there was just enough colour to get an 'Interesting' shot of the sun on the water and Sid the Seagull flying past calling out that we were 'Late Today'!

'Sorry, can't stop, and Your Late today!'
We called out that it was OTL's fault but he was too far away to hear properly!

Having a rummage about on the beach, Holly found a dead crab that had a super sniff about it. As Holly was really getting into the sniff and about to have a lick, OTL spotted her and woofer out for her to leave it alone. Well, actually he woofed 'NO!' Holly was so surprised that she backed off straight away, especially when OTL told her that licking dead crabs would give her the Grumbly Tum!

It's a Grumbly Tum Crab!
We headed off up the Grass Path, having a sniff as we went but Snowflake was telling me off for stepping in her sniffs!

You've just messed up that sniff!
 I said sorry and trotted off to join Holly who was looking down the path at a couple of woofers we sometimes meet. I think that they take their Two Legs for a walk instead of him taking them 'cos they keep pulling him alone the path and he has trouble hanging onto the leads!

One of the woofers was fascinated by Snowflake and wouldn't follow her TL, instead she just stood there asking if the ferret tasted like chicken! 

'Come on, tells us, Does it Taste Like Chicken!'
Holly called back that it tasted like Pig Poo and the woofer seemed most disappointed in that!

We got back home and after the chores got done OTL set about getting the ceiling sorted out before our midday walk!

It was rather quiet out on the walk, that half a boat was still on the beach although someone had dragged it down to the waters edge, only to be washed further up the beach!

You still here?
May and April had fun sniffing in the grass, April says it's the best bit about the walk, May says a good poo is very satisfying as well!

Sniffing is the best!
 May was doing an experiment, she was counting up the number of Woofer Wees she could sniff between the beach and the car park, she managed to get up to ten but ran out of claws. She could have doubled that number but you see, she forgot about her back claws and of course she could have used her tail and ears as well!

We got back to find that it was still raining in Austin Texas and the motor racing Qualifying was called off half way through but we have got our claws crossed for the race at six.

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but I reckon there may be some shortbread, I know that 'cos OTL has a brand new bottle of Malt Whisky sitting on the bookcase next to his chair and there is only so much temptation he can take!

Now, Izzy, I've told The Missus to write to your TL about meeting up on the beach, we normally get down there between twelve thirty and one. It will be great fun and we will have the ferrets with us as well!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. I agree with you Daisy, that clock business is very confusing ......... my mums boss told her not to put her clock back until after she went home from work, something to do with the printers and deliverers ......... so gawd knows wot time we got up. I've been confused the whole day, all I know is when it's scoff time. You and Holly look very sympathetic to your friend with the bucket on her head, I hate wearing them as well. Glad Holly didn't lick that grumbly tum crab. Poor Snowflake, fancy trundling thru her sniffs. Holly was well cheeky to that silly dog, I hope Snowflake didn't mind her say that she tasted like pig poo. Glad to see the page 3 girls enjoyed their walkies today. I met up with a big doodle dog that my mum knows, his name is Boris, he's about 4 times taller than me ....... cor, I got a stiff neck looking up at him. Sounds like OTL is set up and prepared for the racing, hope the shortbread is next to his malt. Did your TM get OTL to put any glitter in his paint? Have a lovely evening all, enjoy your muggings. Hope you enjoy meeting up with Izzy. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Sorry about my patchy response last night as we were away and the I-pad sometimes doesn't come up with a keyboard when trying to comment and sometimes it does. Last night it did but when I made a mistake it let me delete the wrong bit but then would not let me do any more.
    Funny about the time, I read that in Turkey the Government want to do the time change after the Election but the automatic clocks have changed so nobody really knows what time it is. Hope your body clocks have caught up with the extra hour, the thing I don't like is it getting dark earlier when I am working.
    Poor Bonny with her trumpet head, still she stands no chance of licking her claw so it will get better quicker then she can have a good old lick. Is OTL pleased with his hole filling and painting, is that why he has got out a new bottle of Whisky? That boat won't take the hint and sail away, it will soon be claiming squatters rights, you will be getting other boats sailing in and claiming rights. Have a good Monday, we are looking forward to Thursday when we have a young Daisy visiting from Ashford and staying until Monday. If it is alright with you all we might pop round to visit!? xxxxx